Israel Absolves Itself from 2014 Naked Aggression on Gaza

Israel Absolves Itself from 2014 Naked Aggression on Gaza by Stephen Lendman Israel remains unaccountable for decades of racist ruthlessness - massacring, persecuting and otherwise collectively punishing Palestinians for not being Jewish. Operation Protective Edge was its third war on Gaza in five-and-a-half years - premeditated naked aggression against a largely defenseless population, 1.8 million... Continue Reading →

NYT Suppresses Escalated US/Turkish Aggression in Syria

NYT Suppresses Escalated US/Turkish Aggression in Syria by Stephen Lendman One of the best ways to be misinformed and stay that way is by following deplorable Times propaganda - a longtime imperial mouthpiece, supporting all US wars of aggression, pretending they’re humanitarian missions. On Wednesday, Turkish military forces supported by US warplanes and hundreds of... Continue Reading →

Reality in Syria

Reality in Syria by Stephen Lendman As a longtime peace, stability, human and civil rights activist, I’m appalled about what’s happening in Syria. It’s one of numerous US targeted countries, ravaged and destroyed one after another, responsible for millions of casualties gone unreported by deplorable media scoundrels - supporting America’s imperial ruthlessness.   It’s waging... Continue Reading →

US Supports Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

US Supports Turkey’s Invasion of Syria by Stephen Lendman There’s no delicate way of putting it. Throughout Obama’s rape of Syria, Turkey partnered with America for its own self-interest.  It profits from selling stolen ISIS oil, covets annexation of northern Syrian and Iraqi territory. Erdogan’s primary aim is establishing a new Ottoman empire, naked aggression... Continue Reading →

Sanders’ Dubious Our Revolution Initiative

Sanders’ Dubious Our Revolution Initiative by Stephen Lendman He’s no more a progressive revolutionary than any other member of Congress, nor Washington’s bipartisan criminal class, bureaucrats included - Sanders a card-carrying member throughout his deplorable political career. Endorsing Hillary Clinton after rhetorically campaigning against what she represents exposed his duplicity - a progressive in name... Continue Reading →

Russia Patient with America to a Fault

Russia Patient with America to a Fault by Stephen Lendman Despite Russia’s best efforts to have things otherwise, relations with America are adversarial. They’ve been this way for the past century despite a short-term alliance of convenience to defeat Nazi Germany in WW II - Russia deserving most of the credit, America a junior partner.... Continue Reading →

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