Brazil’s Coup d’Etat President More Widely Reviled Than Hillary or Trump

Brazil’s Coup d’Etat President More Widely Reviled Than Hillary or Trump
by Stephen Lendman
Late August polls show 59% of registered voters view Hillary unfavorably – compared to Trump’s 60% disapproval rating.
In November, Americans get to choose between the two most widely reviled aspirants for the nation’s highest office in its history – a testimony to a political system too debauched to fix.
Things are worse for Brazilians. Dark forces in America and their country conspired to replace democracy with tyranny – the majority will of 54 million voters erased.
Newly anointed Brazilian president Michel Temer is widely reviled, one poll showing over two-thirds of Brazilians oppose him, another indicating his approval rating at 12%. He was hooted at the opening of Rio 2016, then no-showed its closing ceremony to avoid further embarrassment.
He’s a right-wing extremist, a fascist, a CIA asset, tainted by corruption charges, barred from seeking elective office for eight years when his anointed term expires in 2018.
Ministers he appointed comprise a rogue’s gallery of likeminded corrupted neoliberal extremists. Protests continue daily, met by harsh police state violence, how all fascist regimes operate, notably in America.
Temer flew to Hangzhou, China for this year’s G-20 summit, before leaving saying he and his accompanying entourage aren’t going “to stroll around.”
It’s his first appearance on the world stage as Brazil’s coup d’etat leader, aiming to “restore confidence in the country,” according to Wellington Moreira Franco, one of his top advisors.
His mandate is serving monied interests exclusively while punishing Brazil’s most needy with neoliberal harshness.
It’s a dark time for Latin America’s largest country, the vast majority of its people facing harder than ever hard times so its privileged class is well-served at their expense.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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