New Poll Shows Trump and Hillary Virtually Tied

New Poll Shows Trump and Hillary Virtually Tied
by Stephen Lendman
Trump is right believing November’s “election” is rigged for Hillary – likely chosen last year or earlier to succeed Obama. Back room deals decide who’ll hold high office in America. Voters have no say whatever. 
Hillary is an establishment candidate, a deplorable choice for any public office. Her history of high crimes should automatically disqualify her. Instead it’s helping her become America’s next president.
She’s a Wall Street, war profiteers, scoundrel media favorite – Trump an outlier, an unlikely choice to emerge last man standing in the GOP race this year.
Monied interests and power brokers are going all-out to assure he’s not America’s 45th president. Maybe most polls are rigged to discourage his supporters and independents from voting for him.
National polls on average show Hillary with about a 5-point lead, down 3 points from her post-Democrat convention bump.
A new Reuters/Ipsos poll (taken over the August 26 – September 1 period) differs from the national average – showing 40% voter support for Trump compared to 39% for Hillary.
According to Reuters, “(d)ifferent polls have produced widely different results over the course of the campaign.” 
“In part that’s because some, like Reuters/Ipsos, have attempted to measure the preferences of who’s likely to vote, while others have surveyed the larger pool of all registered voters. And even those that survey likely voters have different ways of estimating who is likely to cast a ballot.”
My first job in 1960 as a newly minted MBA was marketing analysis, including use of polls to assess customer sentiment, information compiled for business clients to help them decide on marketing strategy.
Key in polling is choosing a well-defined universe, using statistically accurate methodology, specific questions, their wording, in what order asked, with great pains taken to avoid bias. Customers I worked with wanted facts on which to help make business decisions.
Political polls can be suspect, depending on their sponsors, wanting the best showing for candidates they support.
A separate Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation poll estimates Hillary winning 332 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 206 – easily elevating her to the nation’s highest office if things turn out this way in November.
Whatever the outcome, the vast majority of Americans lose – monied interests triumphing over popular ones, the way things always turn out.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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