No Russia/US Agreement on Syria

No Russia/US Agreement on Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Both sides remain intractably apart despite a Washington Post report suggesting otherwise. Believe nothing US media scoundrels say.
WaPo was over-the-top, saying “(t)he Obama administration has told Russia that it is at the end of its patience in trying to arrange a cease-fire in Syria…”
It’s unattainable because Washington wants war, not peace. It’s supporting terrorism, not combating it.
It wants Assad forcefully removed, pro-Western puppet governance replacing him – despite his democratic election and overwhelming popularity.
Endless Russia/US talks continue, Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry meeting again in Geneva on Thursday and Friday, according to Russia’s Foreign Ministry. 
Nothing was achieved in previous discussions toward resolving conflict in Syria Obama and Hillary Clinton began. Expect nothing different this time, despite Russia’s all-out commitment for restoring peace and stability.
WaPo cited dubious unnamed administration sources, claiming Russia was given a “final proposal.” Washington doesn’t propose. It demands, wanting its will asserted, unwilling to compromise on its unacceptable imperial objectives.
According to Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, “(w)e’re not going to take a deal that doesn’t meet our basic objectives” – code language for uncompromising US demands, assuring continued deadlock in discussions.
Commenting on WaPo’s report about a “final (US) proposal” given Russia, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said agreement between both sides wasn’t reached.
Nothing was “finalized…because there have remained some unsettled issues. The work is in progress,” he said. WaPo’s report differs from “reality.”
Peskov stressed agreement between both sides depends on “compromise.” It’s “still to be achieved on…(remaining) outstanding issues” – with no further elaboration.
They’re significant despite either or both sides trying to downplay them. Washington supports all anti-Syrian terrorist groups, providing them with weapons, munitions and other material support.
Russia wants terrorism eliminated in Syria and kept from spreading to its heartland. Both sides remain intractably apart, resolution unattainable whatever comes out of current and future discussions.
Endless war continues, certain to escalate if Hillary succeeds Obama, a threat Russia understands, why it’s pressing for agreement while Obama remains in power despite virtually no chance of achieving it.
Even if both sides declare success, it’s meaningless. Deals Washington agrees to aren’t worth the paper they’re written on – virtually always systematically breached, at times straightaway.
Earlier I said conflict in Syria will be resolved on the battlefield, not in luxury hotel suites or meeting rooms. The only language Washington understands is force.
A Final Comment
Arms & Security Project director William Hartung explained “the Obama administration has offered over $115 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia in 42 separate deals” throughout his tenure – more than any previous US administration in history.
Most weapons and munitions purchased remain to be delivered, said Hartung, assuring close US/Saudi military ties for years to come – one of the world’s leading rogue states.
Saudis use weapons for homeland repression, terror-bombing Yemen, supplying ISIS and other US-supported terrorists with military support used to wage war in Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, as well as destabilizing the region.
Washington, Israel, Qatar, Turkey and other NATO countries do the same thing. How is conflict resolution possible in Syria and other regional hot spots when weapons and other material support flow freely to terrorist groups, letting them wage endless wars.
Russia’s best conflict resolution efforts won’t change things, despite its good intentions.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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