Fighting Rages in Syria Despite Farcical Ceasefire

Fighting Rages in Syria Despite Farcical Ceasefire
by Stephen Lendman
Ceasefire in Syria exists in name only, in fancy hotel suites and meeting rooms alone – where Sergey Lavrov knew John Kerry bargained in bad faith.
US agreed on deals are meaningless, duplicitous. Its diplomats and politicians say one thing, knowing full well they intend something entirely different.
On issues of war and peace, it’s always the former over the latter to achieve imperial objectives, compromise out of the question despite false appearances otherwise. 
America doesn’t negotiate. It demands, imposing its will on other nations, forcibly when other methods fall short.
All post-9/11 US wars of aggression continue raging endlessly with no prospect for peace anywhere – along with war-related violence, chaos and appalling human misery no one not experiencing it can understand.
How can millions of traumatized young children in all US-instigated war theaters ever be able to live normal, healthy, productive lives as youths and adults?
Many lost mothers, fathers, siblings and other loved ones. Who can recover from trauma this horrific? How can scars this deep ever heal? How can love and respect ever replace hatred for vicious aggressors, America the world’s most reviled country for good reason.
Farcical ceasefire began at sundown in Damascus on Monday, September 12. Continued fighting rages as expected.
Turkey’s invasion, occupation and naked aggression on Syrian Kurds continues (with US support) on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, its ally, protecting its borders (simple by closing them), and illegally establishing a “safe zone” for civilians it’s systematically slaughtering.
Escalated war is virtually certain if Hillary succeeds Obama, militantly anti-Assad, intending greater US involvement to oust him forcibly – risking direct confrontation with Russia if events unfold this way.
Straightaway after ceasefire took effect on Monday, Syria’s military said terrorists violated it multiple times. It reserves the right to respond to hostile attacks, it stressed.
In Daraya in the Damascus countryside for Monday Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) prayers, Assad said “(v)isiting (the city) today has plenty of meanings. They may be symbolic, but they are not addressed to the Syrian people as I and the Syrian people…have been in the same situation since the beginning of the crisis.”
“We…send a message to (foreign-supported terrorist invaders) that the Syrian state is determined to retake every area…and restore security and safety.” 
“We come here today to replace the false freedom they tried to market at the beginning of the crisis, including about Daraya, with the real freedom; the freedom that starts with restoring security and safety, goes through reconstruction and ends with” national liberation.
On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed concern about some (foreign-backed) opposition groups refusal to accept ceasefire terms, intending to keep fighting.
Like virtually all previous times, Washington intends blaming Syria and/or Russia for US-supported terrorists’ ceasefire violations – State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby falsely saying Assad “didn’t live up to (earlier) commitments…”
White House press secretary Josh Earnest said “(b)efore any of that cooperation begins, we need to see Russia make good on the commitments they’ve made…to prevail upon…Assad…to observe the cessation of hostilities” – ignoring US-supported terrorists’ responsibility for virtually all breaches.
It’s clear what’s coming. US-backed terrorists will continue targeting Syria’s military and civilian areas. When government forces respond defensively and when Russian warplanes strikes terrorist areas, they’ll be wrongfully accused of violating ceasefire terms.
The deal was dead-on-arrival before formally announced – conflict resolution unattainable because Washington wants war, not peace, Assad removed, Syria colonized, its sovereignty destroyed, an Israeli rival eliminated, Iran isolated, neocons infesting Washington intending to target its government the same way.
Regional prospects look grim. Endless US direct and proxy aggression continues. Peace and stability remain unattainable because achieving them defeats America’s imperial project.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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