America’s Doctrine: War Is Peace

America’s Doctrine: War Is Peace
by Stephen Lendman
America hasn’t had a year of peace in its entire history, waging wars at home and abroad since before the republic’s inception – slaughtering its native people, expanding the original colonies from sea to shinning sea, stealing what belonged to others for millennia in the process, creating the United States of imperial conquest and dominance.
Since WW II, especially post-9/11 and the rape of Yugoslavia preceding it, endless wars of aggression raged against one nonbelligerent nation after another – committing the supreme crime against peace over and over and over again with no prospect of conflict resolution in any of its war theaters.
Millions of corpses attest to its barbarity, things worsening with each new administration since the Clinton crime family took power, now wanting it regained for four or eight more years.
Expect endless unspeakable horrors worldwide if they succeed, possible nuclear war looming large with megalomaniacal neocon lunatics in charge. 
What better definition of a rogue state, humanity threatened like never before because of its ruthlessness!
Five days after farcical ceasefire began in Syria, fighting rages intensively, US-supported terrorists entirely responsible – taking advantage of Syrian and Russian forces scrupulously observing Geneva terms, regrouping, rearming and replenishing their ranks with full support and encouragement from Washington.
Russian military spokesman General Igor Konashenkov blasted what he called Washington’s “rhetorical fog…hid(ing) the fact that it is not fulfilling its part of the obligations.”
“(O)nly the Syrian army (and Russian aerial forces are) observing the regime of silence. (US-supported terrorists masquerading as) “the ‘moderate opposition’ led by the US is increasing the amount of attacks on residential districts.”
Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry said “(t)errorists are assembling a lot of fighters in Kaft Hamrah. According to our data, they are forming assault groups” – redeploying from Idlib province to Aleppo.
“(I)t appears that (Washington’s) ‘verbal curtain’ is…hiding the nonfulfillment of (its) obligations.” America’s neocon infested war party rejects peace, intends continued war to forcibly remove Assad, wanting US-installed tyranny replacing him.
On Thursday, Syrian media reported 55 ceasefire breaches, US-supported terrorists entirely responsible. A “truce regime” is in place from sundown on September 12 until midnight on September 18.
“The army reserves the right to respond decisively using all types of firepower to any breach by armed group,” Syrian media explained.
Ceasefire never took hold, farcical, not real. Expect endless war to continue with no prospect for resolution whatever.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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