Syria Ceasefire Charade Ends

Syria Ceasefire Charade Ends
by Stephen Lendman
It was doomed before begun. Washington never negotiates in good faith. Peace defeats its agenda – why it wages endless wars of aggression in multiple theaters, supporting terrorism, not combating it, an uninformed and indifferent public none the wiser, a deplorable situation encouraging permanent war.
On Monday, Syria ended the ceasefire charade, doomed before implementation. The longer it went on, the more US-backed terrorists gained, given time to regroup, rearm and mobilize for new attacks.
Senior Russian Defense Ministry official General Sergei Rudskoi said “Syrian servicemen and peaceful citizens are still dying.” America bears full responsibility for supporting and encouraging terrorists’ atrocities.
It was “senseless” for Damascus to stick to Geneva terms when terrorists breach them dozens of times daily, said Rudskoi.
On Monday, Syria’s UN envoy in Geneva, Hussam Eddin Ala, blasted Washington for murdering and injuring scores of government forces last Saturday, saying:
“All facts indicate that the US attack on a Syrian military position in al-Tharda Mountain in Deir Ezzor was deliberate and pre-planned…aim(ed) (at) pav(ing) the way for ISIS terrorists to attack and take control over the site.”
America pretends to be combating ISIS and other terrorist groups while actively supporting them.
Expect neocons infesting Washington to blame Assad for defending his people responsibly against US-supported terrorists – confronting their attacks.
On Monday, a UN/Syrian Red Crescent 31-truck humanitarian convoy was attacked while delivering aid to Urm al-Kubra. According to the UN, 18 or more vehicles were struck. Deaths and injuries followed.
US State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby implied Syrian and Russian responsibility. US-backed terrorists had motive and opportunity. So does Washington, its warplanes perhaps involved in what happened.
The militantly anti-Syria/anti-Russia New York Times claimed “multiple airstrikes” hit the convoy, “first destroying trucks,” then targeting “rescue workers as they helped the wounded.”
It blamed Russia and Syria in less than so many words, saying “(t)he tactic (called) ‘double-tap’ has been used by Syrian and Russian warplanes.” It’s a common US practice, slaughtering civilians in cold blood, especially in drone strikes.
No evidence suggests Russian or Syrian responsibility. Both countries scrupulously avoid striking civilian targets. They urgently want humanitarian aid delivered unobstructed to desperately needy people.
The attack bore imperial fingerprints. America, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers bear full responsibility for five-and-a-half years of mass slaughter and destruction.
In an article last weekend, The NYT turned truth on its head, providing, in its words, “straightforward answers to basic questions about Syria’s war” – doing just the opposite.
The surest way to be lied to and uninformed on major issues is by relying on it for news, information and analysis.
Scoundrel media reporting throughout Obama’s war has been some of the worst in memory, The Times sharing much blame, supporting Washington’s imperial agenda, proliferating Big Lies, suppressing what readers most need to know.
It lied claiming conflict is civil. There’s nothing civil about it. Obama’s war is naked aggression, using terrorists as imperial foot soldiers – recruited from scores of countries.
The term “rebel” when used by the Times and other media scoundrels is pure deception, implying anti-government moderates when none exist – US-backed terrorists alone.
The Times disgracefully reinvented how war began, equating it to the (phony made in the USA) Arab spring.
“Syrians, like other peoples across the region, rose up peacefully against their authoritarian government,” it said.
Rubbish! Obama’s war was planned long before begun, regime change its objective, imported death squads used as imperial foot soldiers. What’s most important to explain, The Times consistently suppresses.
It named five countries, “playing a major role in Syria (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the UAE),” saying nothing America planning, orchestrating and implementing the whole thing, Britain and France involved, along with Turkey, other NATO countries and Israel, Syria’s main regional rival.
The Times downplayed atrocities committed by US-supported terrorists, turning truth on its head claiming “Assad…committed by far the most. (He) seems to believe he can regain control only by violently coercing Syrians into submission…includ(ing) us(e) of chemical weapons,” it said.
In explaining ISIS’ origin, it ignored US responsibility for creating and supporting its fighters. Without backing from Washington and other rogue states, it couldn’t exist, nor could likeminded terrorist groups.
The Times is ground zero for proliferating US propaganda – an imperial mouthpiece when America goes to war.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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