Is Philippine President Duterte Boldly Challenging America?

Is Philippine President Duterte Boldly Challenging America? by Stephen Lendman Rodrigo Duterte is unlike previous Philippine leaders, subservient to US interests, going along to get along. Earlier this month, he called Obama a “son-of-a-bitch,” warning him not to criticize his extrajudicial killing policy, aimed at eliminating drug kingpins and dealers - reminding him of America’s... Continue Reading →

Will Power Brokers Running America Stick with Hillary?

Will Power Brokers Running America Stick with Hillary? by Stephen Lendman A separate article called her unfit to serve. Aside from moral, ethical and legal issues surrounding her, she’s clearly ill, maybe seriously enough to cause collapse and disability, rendering her unable to serve. Her illness may be life-threatening. It’s unclear because she won’t release... Continue Reading →

America’s Real “Deplorables”

America’s Real “Deplorables” by Stephen Lendman Hillary calling half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables…racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it” way overstepped the bounds of one political candidate hurling pejoratives at another, insulting millions of Americans in the process, hopefully enough to arouse greater numbers against her. Her “deplorable” remarks describe America’s... Continue Reading →

A Presidential Platform to Support

A Presidential Platform to Support by Stephen Lendman America’s political process is too corrupted to fix. Scattered reforms won’t work. Elections are farcical when held - worthless exercises maintaining status quo business as usual. Believing otherwise is self-delusion.  Republican and Democrats are virtual cardboard cutouts of each other, differing largely in style and rhetoric, in... Continue Reading →

Google for Hillary

Google for Hillary by Stephen Lendman America’s electoral process is too debauched to fix. Trump is right believing things are rigged for “crooked Hillary” in November.  Media scoundrels one-sidedly support her, praising her obsessively, suppressing her deplorable public record - notably whitewashing her war crimes, racketeering and perjury. Even Google searches are rigged for her,... Continue Reading →

Hillary: Unfit to Serve

Hillary: Unfit to Serve! by Stephen Lendman What’s known about her poor health makes her physically unfit to serve. Her persistent coughing spells and near-collapse Sunday, dubiously explained, alone are cause for concern. More serious are her seizures, blackouts and diagnosis of dementia. Of greatest concern are deplorable moral, ethical, emotional and legal issues surrounding... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels React to Hillary’s Health

Media Scoundrels React to Hillary’s Health by Stephen Lendman Throughout the campaign, they’ve downplayed her health issues or ignored them altogether. Here’s how they reacted to her Sunday fainting episode and diagnosis of pneumonia. The New York Times is a virtual Hillary press agent, one-sidedly promoting her campaign, glorifying the most deplorable presidential aspirant in... Continue Reading →

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