Jill Stein Supports 9/11 Truth

Jill Stein Supports 9/11 Truth by Stephen Lendman 9/11 Truth supporters urge “exposing the official lies and cover-up (so everyone) understand(s) the truth” about what happened on that fateful day. They demand accountability for rogue US government elements and its “covert policy apparatus (responsible for) orchestrat(ing) or participat(ing) in the execution of the attacks…” They... Continue Reading →

9/11 Memorial Hypocrisy

9/11 Memorial Hypocrisy by Stephen Lendman The Memorial and Museum at so-called ground zero leave unexplained Anglo/Zionist responsibility for slaughtering 2,977 World Trade Center victims of US imperial viciousness. America murders its own, then honors the victims. It sends naive youths off to wage wars of aggression, then abandons them on returning home to broken... Continue Reading →

Rubbish Media Scoundrels Still Report on 9/11, Systematically Suppressing Hard Truths

Rubbish Media Scoundrels Still Report on 9/11, Systematically Suppressing Hard Truths by Stephen Lendman Scoundrel media proliferated Big Lies about 9/11 persist, 15 years after that fateful day.  Bin Laden and so-called “crazed Arabs” had nothing to do with what happened - yet still are wrongfully blamed for Anglo/Zionist state-sponsored terrorism, the mother of all... Continue Reading →

All Anti-Syrian Forces Are US-Backed Terrorists

All Anti-Syrian Forces Are US-Backed Terrorists by Stephen Lendman One of many Big Lies about conflict in Syria is calling it civil, a revolution. Rubbish! It’s Obama’s war using terrorist foot soldiers to do his dirty work, regime change the goal. Another Big Lie pretends so-called “moderate rebels” are involved in combating the government. Nonsense!... Continue Reading →

No Breakthrough for Peace in Syria

No Breakthrough for Peace in Syria by Stephen Lendman Believing imperial America’s rage for war turned the page for peace in Syria is pure fantasy. Ignore reports suggesting otherwise, wishful thinking at best. So is imagining Washington intends responsibly cooperating with Russia toward achieving conflict resolution - its main adversary, heading for direct confrontation if... Continue Reading →

America’s Ruthless Imperial War Agenda

America’s Ruthless Imperial War Agenda by Stephen Lendman Peace and stability defeat America’s interests. Endless premeditated wars of aggression against invented enemies serve it. No matter which wing of its one-party state runs things, dirty business as usual continuity is maintained - horrors inflicted on humanity for wealth and dominance. War is glorified in the... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu “Perplexed” by Notion That Stealing Palestinian Land An Obstacle to Peace

Netanyahu “Perplexed” by Notion That Stealing Palestinian Land An Obstacle to Peace by Stephen Lendman Longstanding Israeli anti-Palestinian viciousness makes actions by other regional rogue states look almost mild by comparison. Netanyahu’s latest remarks showed contempt for Palestinian rights, standard practice for Israel’s most thuggish and lawless ever leader, exceeding Sharonian evil, a menace to... Continue Reading →

Environmentally Destructive Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Partly Halted

Environmentally Destructive Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Party Halted by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed Native American Standing Rock Sioux people asking for injunctive relief to halt environmentally destructive Dakota Access Pipeline construction on their sacred land. On Friday, a joint departments of the Army, Justice and Interior statement said construction bordering or under Lake... Continue Reading →

Another Russia/US Syria Peace Plan Doomed to Fail

Another Russia/US Syria Peace Plan Doomed to Fail by Stephen Lendman Give Russia credit for trying, the only major power going all-out for resolving Obama’s naked aggression on Syria diplomatically, knowing the futility of dealing with a duplicitous negotiating partner - saying or agreeing to one thing, intending something entirely different. The last agreed on... Continue Reading →

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