Farcical NBC News Commander-in-Chief Presidential Forum

Farcical NBC News Commander-in-Chief Presidential Forum by Stephen Lendman On Wednesday evening, NBC News held what it called “a presidential forum featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump” - both candidates appearing separately, “answering questions related to the military and national security.” Promoted as a preview of upcoming so-called presidential debates on September 26, October 4... Continue Reading →

Prominent Analyst Calls Clinton Foundation a Rogue Charity Fraud Network

Prominent Analyst Calls Clinton Foundation a Rogue Charity Fraud Network by Stephen Lendman I’ve written numerous times about the Clinton Foundation money-laundering, pay-to-play, self-enrichment racket masquerading as a charitable NGO. Wall Street analyst, whistleblower, financial advisor Charles Ortel investigated Clinton Foundation shenanigans for months, saying information it releases publicly in “legally mandated filings do not... Continue Reading →

No Prospect for Peace in Syria

No Prospect for Peace in Syria by Stephen Lendman How can there be peace when conflict aggressor America wants war - dangerously headed toward escalation if Hillary succeeds Obama, risking direct confrontation with Russia. Endless conflict resolution discussions proved futile. Nothing in prospect suggests responsible change. Scores, maybe hundreds of Syrians die daily, mainly civilians... Continue Reading →

Big Lie Claiming Russia Undermines International Order

Big Lie Claiming Russia Undermines International Order by Stephen Lendman Relentless Russia bashing, supported by irresponsible media scoundrels, sets the stage for inevitable confrontation - the unthinkable possibility of nuclear war if Hillary succeeds Obama. Since becoming US Secretary of War, succeeding Chuck Hagel in February 2015, Ashton Carter waged a relentless war of words... Continue Reading →

Trump and Clinton Tied in Polls?

Trump and Clinton Tied in Polls? by Stephen Lendman Some new polls show both candidates virtually tied. Others still show Clinton ahead. With two months to go before the November 8 elections, momentum may swing back and forth several times or more. Poll results depend on their sponsors and how they’re conducted. Most important is... Continue Reading →

Handpicked Reporters Lob Softballs at Hillary

Handpicked Reporters Lob Softballs at Hillary by Stephen Lendman Hillary hasn’t had a press conference in 277 days through September 7, not wanting to risk discussion of her deplorable record, including racketeering related to her foundation, along with perjury in testimony before Congress and to FBI investigators. She’s now letting handpicked supportive reporters travel aboard... Continue Reading →

Syria: Raped by US Imperialism

Syria: Raped by US Imperialism by Stephen Lendman Endless US post-9/11 aggression against one nonbelligerent nation after another appears part of a neocon-sponsored WW III plot, likely culminating at some point with war on Russia, China and Iran - Syria and Ukraine perhaps the most threatening flashpoints. The former is dangerous because Russia and America... Continue Reading →

Bahraini Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Speaks Out

Bahraini Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Speaks Out by Stephen Lendman The US-supported despotic Bahraini regime repeatedly targeted Rajab and other human rights defenders for their redoubtable activism - murdering some, mass imprisoning others on trumped up charges no legitimate tribunal would uphold. Rajab is unjustly detained under harsh conditions, facing longterm imprisonment on fabricated charges... Continue Reading →

Manipulating the American Mind

Manipulating the American Mind by Stephen Lendman In today’s information age, so different from my early years and young adulthood, it’s simple to stay well informed.  Yet too few people bother, relying instead on media propaganda, especially so-called television “news,” brainwashing them, assuring they’re good citizens and stay that way, suppressing what everyone most needs... Continue Reading →

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