Hillary’s American Legion Address: A Near-Declaration of War on Russia

Hillary’s American Legion Address: A Near-Declaration of War on Russia by Stephen Lendman The shocking prospect of Hillary succeeding Obama should scare everyone.  No likely future US leader ever represented a greater threat to world peace and humanity’s survival than she does - an unparalleled menace, a chilling red alert to where things seem heading,... Continue Reading →

US Expands Illegal Sanctions on Russia

US Expands Illegal Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman Security Council members alone may impose sanctions on countries, not individual nations unilaterally or together with others against states they wish to harm economically, politically and/or militarily. US sanctions on Russia are illegal. So are EU ones and what other countries imposed because of heavy pressure... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Support Brazil’s Coup d’Etat Regime

NYT Editors Support Brazil’s Coup d’Etat Regime  by Stephen Lendman The Times is an enemy of peace, equity, justice, rule of law principles and democratic values - an instrument of state propaganda, exclusively serving wealth, power and privilege. US and Brazilian dark forces conspired to oust democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff - tyranny triumphing over... Continue Reading →

Amazing Media Self-Indictment

Amazing Media Self-Indictment by Stephen Lendman Rupert Murdoch’s New Corp-owned New York Post calls itself “America’s oldest continuously published newspaper,” founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, today a far cry from its roots. The Columbia Journalism Review earlier called it “no longer merely a journalistic problem. It is a social problem - a force for... Continue Reading →

Anti-Coup Rage in Brazil

Anti-Coup Rage in Brazil by Stephen Lendman America’s rage for global dominance puts democracy where still existing at risk. US imperial policy wants tyranny replacing it everywhere - institutionalized at home, spreading increasingly abroad, Brazil the latest domino to fall. Telesur reported anti-coup protests in dozens of Brazilian cities. Fascists in charge unleashed police state... Continue Reading →

NYT Irresponsibly Accuses WikiLeaks of Aiding Russia

NYT Irresponsibly Accuses WikiLeaks of Aiding Russia by Stephen Lendman The Times is America’s lead instrument of state propaganda, especially on geopolitical issues, publishing false and misleading information, suppressing hard truths everyone needs to know. Whistleblower individuals and groups like WikiLeaks provide a valued public service by exposing government wrongdoing - rife in America like... Continue Reading →

Trump on Immigration

Trump on Immigration by Stephen Lendman Hillary-supporting media scoundrels blast whatever he says or doesn’t say, his August 31 immigration speech no exception. More below on this. It’s important for all nations to have responsible immigration policies. Trump’s ideas are hardline - following in the tradition of predecessors like Obama, America’s deporter-in-chief, treating immigrants of... Continue Reading →

Iraq Recruiting Child Soldiers

Iraq Recruiting Child Soldiers by Stephen Lendman According to a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, Iraq’s US-installed puppet regime is recruiting children as soldiers - flagrantly violating international law, forbidding use of combatants under age 18. Recruitment allegedly is in preparation for an offensive against ISIS in Mosul. According to HRW’s Bill Van Esveld,... Continue Reading →

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