Hillary’s Duplicitous Op-Ed on Helping America’s Poor

Hillary’s Duplicitous Op-Ed on Helping America’s Poor by Stephen Lendman New York Times editors serve as her press agent, shamelessly calling an unindicted war criminal, racketeer, perjurer, Wall Street tool “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history” - a deplorable perversion of truth. They gave her feature op-ed space... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Last General Assembly Address As Duplicitous As His First

Obama’s Last General Assembly Address As Duplicitous As His First by Stephen Lendman His legacy is deplorable, serving wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of most others. Independent historians will remember him as an unindicted war criminal, Wall Street tool, demagogic serial liar, along with wrecker of hopes and dreams of millions of... Continue Reading →

Ban Ki-moon’s Deplorable General Assembly Address

Ban Ki-moon’s Deplorable General Assembly Address by Stephen Lendman Washington installed him to serve its interests, impartial leadership forbidden at the world body, Ban a loyal imperial servant throughout his tenure, to be well rewarded when stepping down at yearend. His September 20 General Assembly address followed the US propaganda playbook, a deplorable example of... Continue Reading →

US-Backed Terrorists Attacked Syria Humanitarian Convoy

US-Backed Terrorists Attacked Syria Humanitarian Convoy by Stephen Lendman America and its rogue allies support all terrorist groups operating in Syria, including elements falsely called “moderates” - one of the many Big Lies about Obama’s war. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov categorically denied his government or Syria’s involvement in attacking a UN/Syria Red... Continue Reading →

Syria Ceasefire Charade Ends

Syria Ceasefire Charade Ends by Stephen Lendman It was doomed before begun. Washington never negotiates in good faith. Peace defeats its agenda - why it wages endless wars of aggression in multiple theaters, supporting terrorism, not combating it, an uninformed and indifferent public none the wiser, a deplorable situation encouraging permanent war. On Monday, Syria... Continue Reading →

Hillary Assures Escalated Wars As President

Hillary Assures Escalated Wars As President by Stephen Lendman Trump is no peacenik, far from it, wanting larger than ever military budgets, used for endless wars. A previous article discussed a rogue’s gallery neocon hawks infesting national security teams of both candidates, indicating dirty business as usual no matter who succeeds Obama - Hillary the... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Big Lies on CNN

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Big Lies on CNN by Stephen Lendman Launched in 1980 by Ted Turner as a cable news network, CNN transformed itself into an imperial mouthpiece when America goes to war. During the current US presidential campaign, endless one-sided pro-Hillary/anti-Trump coverage dominates its programming, deplorable stuff featured not fit to air. It’s hard... Continue Reading →

GHW Bush for Clinton

GHW Bush For Clinton by Stephen Lendman Readers and friends at times ask who I support for US president. Anyone following my articles knows my view about America’s political process too debauched to fix. Monied interests and power brokers decide things. Voters have no say whatever. Democracy is pure fantasy, America’s privileged class alone served.... Continue Reading →

Why Does Anyone Still Read the NYT?

Why Does Anyone Still Read the NYT? by Stephen Lendman I have to for media critiques, exposing its misinformation, distortions and Big Lies. It’s painful reading.  The Times is a mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege - despicably against all independent nations Washington doesn’t control, wanting them toppled and replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes. It... Continue Reading →

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