Neocon Hawks Infest Clinton and Trump National Security Teams

Neocon Hawks Infest Clinton and Trump National Security Teams by Stephen Lendman Understanding presidential aspirants requires knowing who they surround themselves with and what they represent.  Hillary and Trump rely on a rogue’s gallery of neocon hawks for advice on national security, intelligence and militarism - indicating dirty business as usual continuing no matter who... Continue Reading →

Ceasefire Charade in Syria

Ceasefire Charade in Syria by Stephen Lendman Diplomats pretend it’s largely holding while Syrians die - US-supported terrorist attacks more intense than before ceasefire began last Monday. On Friday, Lavrov and Kerry ludicrously claimed cessation of hostilities is “at a satisfactory level,” both diplomats wanting truce (sic) made permanent.  What country are they talking about?... Continue Reading →

Sanders Stumps for War Criminal, Racketeer, Perjurer Hillary

Sanders Stumps for War Criminal, Racketeer, Perjurer Hillary by Stephen Lendman Sanders revealed his alliance with imperial lawlessness by endorsing the most recklessly dangerous presidential candidate in US history. Hillary represents pure evil - morally, ethically, emotionally, physically and legally unfit to serve, humanity’s greatest menace if elevated to the nation’s highest office. Yet he... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Moderate Rebels in Syria

The Myth of Moderate Rebels in Syria by Stephen Lendman It’s a US-orchestrated hoax Russia goes along with. All anti-government forces in Syria are US-backed terrorists, death squads imported from scores of countries, used by Washington to advance its imperium. How then can nonexistent moderates be separated from Security Council-designated terrorists as Geneva terms stipulate? ... Continue Reading →

Leaked Colin Powell Emails

Leaked Colin Powell Emails by Stephen Lendman Reading them is a rare chance to be a so-called fly on the wall to remarks not meant for public airing. Below are a few Powell gems: In 2015, in less than so many words, he explained Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous, saying it has 200 nuclear... Continue Reading →

America’s Doctrine: War Is Peace

America’s Doctrine: War Is Peace by Stephen Lendman America hasn’t had a year of peace in its entire history, waging wars at home and abroad since before the republic’s inception - slaughtering its native people, expanding the original colonies from sea to shinning sea, stealing what belonged to others for millennia in the process, creating... Continue Reading →

Scoundrel Media Big Lies on Syria Ceasefire

Scoundrel Media Big Lies on Syria Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman It’s hard imagining why anyone still relies on deplorable scoundrel media reporting - all propaganda all the time on issues mattering most, especially when America goes to war, naked aggression portrayed as humanitarian intervention. Previous articles explained Russia/US negotiated ceasefire in Syria was dead-on-arrival -... Continue Reading →

Hillary v. Trump: Who’s Least Candid?

Hillary v. Trump: Who’s Least Candid? by Stephen Lendman No contest! Hillary’s entire public career is based on serial lying. She’s unindicted for perjury. Nothing she says campaigning is credible - nothing earlier as the most wicked ever first lady, then deplorable US senator and secretary of state. Her despicable public record is polar opposite... Continue Reading →

Syria and Russia Alone Observing Ceasefire

Syria and Russia Alone Observing Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman Effective September 12 at sundown Damascus time, Syrian and Russian forces began scrupulously observing Geneva ceasefire terms agreed on. US-backed terrorists, erroneously called “moderates,” ignored them entirely so far, continuing to wage war, unlikely to cease hostilities, no pressure exerted on them to stop fighting. According... Continue Reading →

Statement by Hillary’s Doctor on Her Health

Statement by Hillary’s Doctor on Her Health by Stephen Lendman Her personal physician is as much part of her political team ahead of November elections as healer - taking instructions from DNC bosses, saying nothing potentially harming her chance to succeed Obama.  Do no harm excludes possibly overdosing her on prescription drugs to make her... Continue Reading →

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