Scandalous US Russia Bashing Heading for War

Scandalous US Russia Bashing Heading for War by Stephen Lendman Few Americans know a neocon criminal cabal in Washington, supported by media scoundrels, is heading things toward possibly waging nuclear war on Russia - unthinkable madness if launched, threatening life on earth. US-dominated NATO provocatively militarized Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders. Washington replaced democratic governance... Continue Reading →

Terrorist Group Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Terrorist Group Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Stephen Lendman Nobel hypocrisy is notorious for favoring warmakers over peace champions, a rogue’s gallery of miscreants among their honorees - notably Obama, Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. If imperial-sponsored/al Nusra-connected misnamed Civil Defense White Helmets operating in Syria win this year, ignoble Nobel tradition... Continue Reading →

US, Israel and Turkey Undermining Ceasefire in Syria

US, Israel and Turkey Undermining Ceasefire in Syria by Stephen Lendman Hostilities continue despite declared ceasefire on Monday - farcical, not real, because Washington and its rogue allies want war, not peace. Another Russian effort aimed at resolving conflict failed. Russia’s General Staff reported 60 ceasefire violations by US-supported terrorists as of September 14, civilians... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Trump

Reinventing Trump by Stephen Lendman How do you reinvent a billionaire tycoon, driven by money-making, using it to make more of it in business dealings, a wannabe president, displaying more bombast than charisma and forthrightness? Though lately, he’s more focused than histrionic. More on this below. How does he explain calling Bush’s Iraq war “a... Continue Reading →

Putin Spokesman on US Russophobia

Putin Spokesman on US Russophobia by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US relations toward Russia are hostile, regime change Washington’s ultimate goal by color revolution or war. Russian officials referring to America as Moscow’s partner belies adversarial reality - evident in numerous provocative ways, heading inevitably toward eventual confrontation.  Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented, expressing concern about... Continue Reading →

Is Hillary Seriously Ill?

Is Hillary Seriously Ill? by Stephen Lendman According to Republican political strategist, Trump advisor Roger Stone, “(a) number of New York Democrats, very prominent, well-known…told me (in 2015) that Hillary had very significant health issues, (expressing surprise) she was running in view of her health issues and her lack of stamina.” Psychiatrist, former State Department... Continue Reading →

Obama: Demagogue-in-Chief

Obama: Demagogue-in-Chief by Stephen Lendman His remarks make painful listening, misinformation and Big Lies substituting for hard truths, all demagoguery all the time, mocking legitimate leadership. On 9/11, he failed to explain America murdered its own, state terror bearing full responsibility.  Parties blamed for that fateful day’s high crime had nothing to do with what... Continue Reading →

21 US-Supported Terrorist Groups Reject Syria Ceasefire

21 US-Supported Terrorist Groups Reject Syria Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman Farcical ceasefire exists in name only. Hostilities continue. Chief of Russia’s General Staff’s Main Operational Directorate General Sergei Rudskoy said his country’s aerial operations will keep striking terrorist targets while observing Geneva agreed on terms. Russia’s Foreign Ministry cited media reports, indicating “leaders of 21... Continue Reading →

Farcical Syria Ceasefire in Name Only

Farcical Syria Ceasefire in Name Only by Stephen Lendman Syrian and Russian forces are strictly observing Geneva ceasefire terms as expected. US-supported terrorists violated them 23 times on day one, according to Russia’s General Staff, closely monitoring what’s going on daily. According to Russian General Staff Major General Viktor Poznikhir, “Syrian government forces have completely... Continue Reading →

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