Deplorable Daily NYT Propaganda Drumbeat

Deplorable Daily NYT Propaganda Drumbeat
by Stephen Lendman
A previous article offered an easy, simple to remember definition of a rogue state: the United States of America.
Here’s another to understand state-sponsored propaganda: The New York Times – press agent for wealth, power and privilege, publishing administration and Pentagon handouts with disturbing regularity, pretending it’s legitimate journalism.
Merriam-Webster defines it as “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.” In other words, impartial fact-based truths, all of it at all times with no deviations.
NYT misreporting is polar opposite, violating its own ethical standards, featuring managed news misinformation and Big Lies on issues mattering most.
Its shockingly one-sided pro-Hillary political coverage should even make her supporters blush with shame and outrage. Its anti-Trump rage invents reasons to bash him, a steady tirade without letup.
Cheerleading US aggression against nonbelligerent nations makes it complicit with imperial high crimes. Its reporting on events in Syria and Ukraine give the term “deplorable” new meaning – all misinformation and Big Lies all the time, truth and full disclosure entirely banished from its pages.
In its Sunday edition, writing about why war in Syria gets more attention than Yemen’s conflict, The Times conceals what’s most important to report.
Obama launched them both, using terrorist foot soldier proxies in Syria, Saudi Arabian terror-bombing in Yemen, along with longstanding US drone war, largely murdering noncombatant civilians.
The Times lied, claiming war in Syria puts US “interests at risk, including the lives of its citizens, giving Americans a direct stake in it. (ISIS) murdered American hostages and committed terrorist attacks in the West.”
What’s omitted from Times reports is most important. Washington created and supports ISIS and all other regional terrorist groups, others elsewhere. They couldn’t exist without foreign support.
Where do they get tanks, other heavy weapons and training to use them? On their own, they only might have ineffective small arms against powerful Syrian military weapons, along with its aerial resources, hugely supplemented by Russia’s.
They’d be routed in days or weeks. Instead they flourish because of US and other foreign support, their ranks regularly replenished by new fighters.
America’s “direct stake in” the conflict is for regime change, wanting another imperial trophy, the same objective in Yemen and all other countries it attacks, along with looting nations’ resources and exploiting their people.
No so-called terrorist attacks occurred on US territory in modern memory. All reported ones were false flags, innocent patsies falsely blamed for state-sponsored crimes.
The Times: Assad “and his patrons in Iran are hostile to the United States and responsible for terrible atrocities. And now Russia…America’s ‘frenemy’ is fighting on their side…”
Fact: Syria was invaded, Washington fully responsible, its rogue allies sharing blame, committing atrocities despicably blamed on Damascus and Moscow – The Times complicit in proliferating state-sponsored misinformation and Big Lies.
Fact: Russia intervened in Syria responsibly and legally at the behest of its legitimate government. America and its rogue allies operate illegally, committing naked aggression against a sovereign state threatening no one.
The Times: Yemen’s death toll is lower than Syria’s…There is no obvious good-versus-evil story to tell there.”
Fact: Yemen’s death toll is multiples more than officially reported – from Saudi-terror bombing instigated and supported by Washington, US drone attacks, war-related violence, untreated diseases, starvation and overall deprivation.
America’s dirty hands are directly or indirectly involved in so many world conflicts, including virtual war zones in domestic minority communities, killer cops nationwide lethally shooting defenseless victims with impunity. 
The world’s leading self-styled defender of human and civil rights is its most ruthless abuser – never explained in deplorable NYT reports.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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