US Escalates War While Talking Peace

US Escalates War While Talking Peace by Stephen Lendman US duplicity is longstanding. None of its rhetorical promises are credible. Consistently it says one thing, then does another. Peace and stability are anathema to its agenda. Endless wars of aggression serve it - waged to advance its imperium. Yet Russia persists in wasting time and... Continue Reading →

NYT Double-Barreled Editorial Assault on Trump

NYT Double-Barreled Editorial Assault on Trump by Stephen Lendman NYT-led scoundrel media viciousness destroyed Trump’s presidential aspirations - defeated before voting begins next month, Hillary almost certain to succeed Obama. Power brokers decided things before campaigning began, media scoundrels serving as press agents for longstanding dirty business as usual. Daily Trump vilification continues. Two new... Continue Reading →

UK Foreign Minister Urges War, Not Peace, in Syria

UK Foreign Minister Urges War, Not Peace, in Syria by Stephen Lendman Russophobic Tory Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is part of Britain’s neocon lunatic fringe, his hawkish extremism evident since PM Teresa May named him Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs last July. He lied in parliament, baselessly claiming “(a)ll the available evidence…points... Continue Reading →

More Upcoming Futile Russia/US Talks on Syria

More Upcoming Futile Russia/US Talks on Syria by Stephen Lendman Years of good faith Russian efforts to resolve conflict in Syria accomplished nothing because Washington wants war, regime change, and the Syrian Arab Republic transformed into another US vassal state. No amount of diplomacy will change things. On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin admitted the futility of... Continue Reading →

Russian Parliamentarians Back Indefinite Military Deployment in Syria

Russian Parliamentarians Back Indefinite Military Deployment in Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia’s involvement in Syria isn’t short-term. It’s successfully combating US-supported terrorists, ravaging the country, massacring civilians, committing other atrocities. Western and regional rogue states allied with Washington support them. On Monday, Moscow announced plans to upgrade its Tartus, Syria logistics facility to a permanent... Continue Reading →

Why Russia Bashing Is So Intense

Why Russia Bashing Is So Intense by Stephen Lendman Russia and China are the only nations able to challenge America’s hegemonic agenda effectively, strategically allied, supporting each other politically, economically and militarily - a formidable anti-new world order counterforce. Hostility toward Moscow intensified after Washington toppled Ukraine’s democratically elected government, replacing it with Nazi-infested putschists... Continue Reading →

The Terrifying Reality of Another Clinton Co-Presidency

The Terrifying Reality of Another Clinton Co-Presidency by Stephen Lendman Choosing one automatically means getting both, like it or not. It assures recreating the neoliberal 90s on steroids - combined with escalated neocon war on humanity at home and abroad. It’s coming, electoral postmortems alone remaining. Beginning post-November 8, get used to hearing president-elect Hillary,... Continue Reading →

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