Israel Attacks Women’s Boat to Gaza

Israel Attacks Women’s Boat to Gaza by Stephen Lendman Illegally interdicted in international waters, an act of high-seas piracy, Israel kidnapped 13 courageous women aboard the Zaytouna-Oliva, their symbolic attempt to break its lawless Gaza siege sabotaged. They included Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire (Ireland), Marama Davidson (New Zealand), Jeannette Escanilla (Sweden), Samira Douaifia... Continue Reading →

NYT Reinvents America’s War on Syria

NYT Reinvents America’s War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Legitimate editors wouldn’t touch daily rubbish featured on Times pages - supporting US imperial lawlessness, blaming victims for its high crimes, irresponsibly bashing Russia, the only world power going all-out for conflict resolution in Ukraine and Syria, systematically undermined by Washington. The Times lied, claiming Putin... Continue Reading →

John Kerry’s Big Lies on Syria

John Kerry’s Big Lies on Syria by Stephen Lendman Wars need supportive lies to sustain them. Truth is their mortal enemy. Kerry’s involvement in Obama’s war on Syria makes him culpable for one of history’s great crimes. Addressing US NATO partners in Brussels on Tuesday, he repeated Big Lies long ago exposed. America is the... Continue Reading →

If America Attacks Russia, What’s Next?

If America Attacks Russia, What’s Next? by Stephen Lendman Hugely dangerous flashpoint conditions in Syria head America increasingly closer to war on Russia - an unthinkable clash between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, madness perhaps becoming reality if Hillary succeeds Obama. Launching it would risk a potential doomsday scenario, a reckless red line crossed, a... Continue Reading →

US Considers Military Option Against Syria

US Considers Military Option Against Syria by Stephen Lendman America’s rage for global dominance through brute force makes geopolitical conditions today more perilous than any previous time in world history. Hugely dangerous flashpoint conditions in Syria show Washington heading recklessly toward confronting Russia militarily -  unthinkable if occurs, increasingly likely given today’s events. Neocons infesting... Continue Reading →

Intractable US/Russia Agendas in Syria

Intractable US/Russia Agendas in Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia intends pursuing diplomatic conflict resolution no matter the futility of trying. “We are not giving up and will spare no effort to have…Security Council resolutions (on Syria) implemented,” Sergey Lavrov explained. America’s sole objective is regime change. No alternatives exist. War won’t end until it prevails... Continue Reading →

Syria the Epicenter of Combating US-Sponsored Terrorism

Syria the Epicenter of Combating US-Sponsored Terrorism by Stephen Lendman America represents the greatest threat to world peace, stability and security. No earlier nation matched its villainy, its Machiavellian evil, its imperial ruthlessness - raping nations, killing millions, turning its own disadvantaged communities into battlegrounds, threatening cataclysmic nuclear war if launched. Interviewed by the Tehran... Continue Reading →

US Suspends Nonexistent Cooperation with Russia on Syria

US Suspends Nonexistent Cooperation with Russia on Syria by Stephen Lendman Hegemons don’t cooperate. They demand. Throughout months of US/Russia talks on cessation of hostilities as an important conflict resolution step, Washington pretended to cooperate with Moscow. Sergey Lavrov pretended to believe John Kerry negotiated in good faith, knowing America’s sordid history of breaching virtually... Continue Reading →

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