Leaked Hillary Tapes Mock Progressive Politics

Leaked Hillary Tapes Mock Progressive Politics by Stephen Lendman Supporters believing she’s progressive should think again. Her deplorable longstanding public record reveals otherwise - more proof from newly leaked tapes. On September 30, The Intercept discussed comments she made at a fund-raiser last February - “distanc(ing) herself from progressive” positions she rhetorically espouses while campaigning,... Continue Reading →

Neocon Washington Post Mocks Jill Stein and Gary Johnson

Neocon Washington Post Mocks Jill Stein and Gary Johnson by Stephen Lendman WaPo, like other media scoundrels, wants no challenges to deplorable duopoly power governance - serving powerful monied interests, harming popular ones. Trump and Clinton are widely reviled for good reason. Both are unacceptable choices for any public office. Gary Johnson is geopolitically clueless... Continue Reading →

Deplorable Daily NYT Propaganda Drumbeat

Deplorable Daily NYT Propaganda Drumbeat by Stephen Lendman A previous article offered an easy, simple to remember definition of a rogue state: the United States of America. Here’s another to understand state-sponsored propaganda: The New York Times - press agent for wealth, power and privilege, publishing administration and Pentagon handouts with disturbing regularity, pretending it’s... Continue Reading →

Russia Ramping Up Its Aerial Campaign in Syria

Russia Ramping Up Its Aerial Campaign in Syria by Stephen Lendman In March, Russia withdrew the “main part” of its warplanes and ground support personnel from Syria - a strategic error, US-supported terrorists taking full advantage to regroup, rearm and mobilize for more attacks. At the time, Putin said “I think that the tasks set... Continue Reading →

Syrian UN Envoy Straight Talk

Syrian UN Envoy Straight Talk by Stephen Lendman Explaining conflict in Syria is simple. The pattern repeats time and again. It’s hard understanding why everyone doesn’t know by now. There’s no ambiguity about it. I’ve explained many times. Washington tolerates no sovereign independent nations, ones it doesn’t control. Wars, color revolutions and coups (a color... Continue Reading →

Russia Challenging US Imperial Aims in Syria

Russia Challenging US Imperial Aims in Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia’s intervention last September changed the dynamic on the ground, letting government forces retake territory lost earlier. They’re making progress toward winning the strategically important battle for Aleppo, a likely game-changer if achieved. Obama launched war for regime change, wanting Assad replaced with US controlled... Continue Reading →

Trump Bashing on Steroids

Trump Bashing on Steroids by Stephen Lendman With November 8 elections approaching, pro-Hillary media scoundrels are stepping up their one-sided coverage - deplorable rubbish not fit to print, featuring a torrent of press agent reporting, showing they're more of a collective laughing stock than already. Why does anyone waste time following them along with round-the-clock... Continue Reading →

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