Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

Our Long National Nightmare Is Just Beginning by Stephen Lendman In less than three weeks, get used to hearing about president-elect Hillary, she and husband Bill heading back to the White House in January for a third co-presidential term - by fair or foul means. What’s coming should terrify everyone. She’ll largely be calling the... Continue Reading →

UN Human Rights Blames Russia and Syria for US-Led High Crimes

UN Human Rights Chief Blames Russia and Syria for US-Led High Crimes  by Stephen Lendman Like his deplorable predecessor Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, represents US-led Western imperial interests exclusively. Earlier he was Jordan’s UN envoy and ambassador to America. Appointed to his current post in... Continue Reading →

Farcical Ceasefire in Aleppo

Farcical Ceasefire in Aleppo by Stephen Lendman Russian/Syrian good faith ceasefire efforts to provide humanitarian relief for thousands of eastern Aleppo residents held hostage as human shields by US-backed terrorists failed as expected. Ceasefire plays into their hands, letting them regroup, rearm and mobilize for further attacks - with full US support and encouragement. Russia... Continue Reading →

NYT Falsely Claims Hillary’s Emails Weren’t Damaging

NYT Falsely Claims Hillary’s Emails Weren’t Damaging by Stephen Lendman Daily WikiLeaks dumps of Hillary’s emails reveal her disturbing polar opposite public and private views on major issues. They show she’s a pathological liar, a pay-to-play influence peddler in return for large Clinton Foundation donations, earning millions of dollars in supportive Wall Street speeches, and... Continue Reading →

Hillary Favors Privatizing Social Security

Hillary Favors Privatizing Social Security by Stephen Lendman She’s been deplorably pro-Wall Street throughout her public life - as president next year in a position to benefit major financial firms more than ever by incrementally privatizing Social Security. According to journalists David Sirota and Avi Asher-Schapiro, financial services giant Blackstone Group “openly promote(s) a plan... Continue Reading →

US Undermining Ceasefire in Aleppo

US Undermining Ceasefire in Aleppo by Stephen Lendman Make no mistake. Good faith Russian/Syrian efforts to halt fighting in Aleppo failed because Washington wants endless war, not resolution. It wants Syria’s legitimate government led by democratically elected/overwhelmingly popular Bashar al-Assad toppled - replaced by a puppet regime it controls. This is what imperialism is all... Continue Reading →

NYT Propaganda on Russian/Syrian Aleppo Ceasefire

NYT Propaganda on Russian/Syrian Aleppo Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman Times reporting on Syria consists of US administration and Pentagon handouts - willful misinformation and Big Lies, vital hard truths suppressed, disgracefully mocking legitimate journalism, absent in Times reports on virtually all major issues, especially geopolitical ones. Instead of praising Russian and Syrian good faith efforts... Continue Reading →

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