UK Think Tank Bashes Russia, Vilifies Putin

UK Think Tank Bashes Russia, Vilifies Putin
by Stephen Lendman
The London-based, right wing, militantly anti-Russia Henry Jackson Society issued a disgraceful report, titled “Putin’s  Useful Idiots: Britain’s Left, Right and Russia.”
It challenges the credibility of guests appearing on Russian media, claiming some support his “standing up to the European Union and/or defending ‘traditional values’ from the corrupting influence of liberalism.”
Others admire Russia “in part out of ideological folly: they see anybody who opposes Western imperialism as a strategic bedfellow.”
The report ignores deplorable BBC and other Western propaganda, criticizing so-called “Kremlin-backed” media as “Russia’s propaganda networks.”
“Putin makes for a deceptive and dangerous friend,” it claimed. Its Mccarthyite recommendations to UK and other European lawmakers are disturbing – making Western and Eastern Europe more tyrannical than already if adopted, urging:
“Activists, journalists, and politicians should point out the pro-Russian connections of individuals and parties across the political spectrum and challenge the credibility of these entities via political debates.” 
“The personal and organisational connections of left-and right-wing politicians and parties and their Russian counterparts should be mapped across Europe.” 
“As individuals and movements on the left and right grow in influence across Europe, the continent must wake up to their insidious means of funding.” 
“Parliaments across Europe should amend current legislation or pass new legislation that forces politicians to declare all media appearances they make, whether they receive money for them or not.”
“Academics, commentators, and others should raise awareness in the West of the nature of the Russian regime.”
Is Trump a Kremlin puppet for appearing on RT? Is his wanting better Russia/US relations something to fear? Should appearances on Russian media be criminalized?
Are only Western and likeminded media reports acceptable, no others? I’ve been interviewed on RT, Sputnik News and other Russian media. 
I support peace, equity, justice, ecosanity, rule of law principles, multi-world polarity, and mutual cooperation among all nations. 
I oppose imperial lawlessness, fantasy democracy, tyranny, and government serving wealth, power and privilege at the expense of most everyone else.
Does that make me anti-American? A Kremlin puppet?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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