WSJ Latin America Propagandist on Fidel’s Passing

WSJ Latin America Propagandist on Fidel’s Passing
by Stephen Lendman
Journal board member, pseudo-journalist, Murdoch favorite, Mary OGrady reinvents history, defends the indefensible, supports monied interests exclusively, spurns popular ones, consistently turning truth on its head.
“For Cubans, the long wait is over,” she ranted. Yet Cubans remain led by “the dead red’s…brother Raul…behind him…the next generation of Castros and the military.”
Fact: Except for hardships from illegally imposed US embargo conditions, Cubans enjoy social justice benefits Americans can’t imagine.
O’Grady: “This ruthless band of criminals owns everything on the island and has no incentive to change. President Obama’s normalization of relations and de facto lifting of the US travel ban has funneled fresh resources to them, strengthening their power.”
Fact: Millions of Cubans mourn Fidel’s passing. They want no part of yankee imperialism, deplore recolonization – pre-Castro exploitation and repression. They want to breathe free from US domination.
Fact: Obama’s restoration of diplomatic relations was more subterfuge than turning the page after 56 years of targeting Cuba for regime change.
O’Grady: Cuba is “Aleppo without the benefit of smuggling over neighboring borders. If dissidents take to the streets, they lose rations and are beaten, jailed, tortured and exiled.”
Fact: Then why are Cubans contented? Why are they mourning Fidel’s passing, not dancing on his grave like in Miami? They lack luxuries, not essentials, including free healthcare, education to the highest levels and government serving all its people equitably – polar opposite how most Americans are exploited and mistreated.
Fact: America is a repressive, duopoly power-ruled police state, serving privileged interests exclusively. O’Grady mocked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for recognizing Fidel’s “tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people.” America never had a leader remotely like him.
O’Grady endorses US wars of aggression, corporate predation and police state terror against nonbelievers demanding something better.
Accusing Fidel of “export(ing) terrorism around the world” would be farcical if it wasn’t so despicable, a vicious Big Lie, typical of her misreporting, one of the most disgraceful media scoundrels around.
Legitimate editors wouldn’t touch her rubbish, making yellow journalism look good by comparison.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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