The NYT Won’t Quit Misreporting on Syria

The NYT Won’t Quit Misreporting on Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Readers relying on The Times for news on Syria likely confuse good guys with bad ones.
They likely think cutthroat killers, imported from scores of countries, called “moderate rebels” are on the side of the angels, government and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian air power and intelligence, responsible for years of carnage.
Reliable independent media followers know what’s going on – polar opposite what The Times and other media scoundrels report – truth-telling v. pure rubbish.
The latest Times report was more disgraceful deception, heading “ ‘We Are Dead Either Way:’ Agonizing Choices for Syrians in Aleppo,” saying:
An alleged local resident, a likely terrorist or supporter, said “(w)e are about to die or be arrested.”
Fact: Without Russian or Syrian bombing eastern Aleppo since October 18, government and allied forces liberated it except for small pockets infested with hardliners. 
Tens of thousands of residents are now free, many when asked expressing heartfelt gratitude to their liberators, one man saying he knew government forces would free him from terrorist captivity along with many thousands of others.
Safe in government controlled areas, they’re getting food, warm clothing as needed, and medical care – what US-backed terrorists denied them, forced to suffer horrifically in their hands.
Times correspondents report from Beirut or other foreign venues, misinforming readers on what’s ongoing.
RT International and Sputnik News cover events on the ground firsthand, airing accurate information for viewers, listeners and readers, credible video footage supporting it in TV reports, journalists risking their lives to explain vital truths, ones The Times systematically suppresses, substituting Big Lies.
From outside the country, The Times said “(s)ome told us men, who upon reaching government territory, were pulled aside and detained – in a country where torture is common – or sent to fight in the Army.”
Fact: Without identifying the source, the account is rubbish. The only ones “pulled aside and detained” are terrorists identified by freed residents as their captors.
The Times: America and its allies “are reduced to wrangling with Russia…over how to protect or evacuate the civilians…”
Fact: Washington systematically undermined all Russian good faith cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution efforts – straightaway breaching principles agreed on, its word never its bond.
The Times: “Last month, proposed evacuation deals fell through and government forces began an all-out aerial and ground attack.”
Fact: Deals “fell through” because Washington breached them, not Russia or Syria. No aerial attacks have been conducted since October 18. The Times lied on both counts.
The Times: “At least 40,000 people have fled to government areas during the offensive, but some have been unable to, and others have fled deeper into rebel territory, fearing arrest on the other side. Now, Russia has declared that anyone who does not leave will be considered a terrorist and ‘destroyed.’ “
Fact: Russian and Syrian sources reported around 80,000 now free. No evidence suggests any residents preferred staying in terrorists’ hands, animals they detest.
Sergey Lavrov said anti-government forces refusing to leave eastern Aleppo will be considered terrorists and eliminated. Russia and Syria are committed to protecting all residents, except those complicit with cutthroat killers, ID’d by others.
The Times: Many civilians “stayed (in eastern Aleppo) for years when they could have left.”
Fact: They were prisoners against their will, held as human shields, unable to leave, brutalized in captivity, many tortured and/or executed.
Virtually everything of importance reported by The Times since Obama launched naked aggression in March 2011 was disgraceful lies and deception.
The same goes for all media scoundrels, agents of wealth, power and privilege, enemies of truth.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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