Obama and Hillary Blame Russia for Nonexistent US Election Hacking

Obama and Hillary Blame Russia for Nonexistent US Election Hacking
by Stephen Lendman
In the wake of Trump’s electoral triumph, anti-Russia hostility is at a fever pitch – matching or exceeding sentiment at the height of the Cold War.
It’s reminiscent of US propaganda unleashed ahead of planned imperial wars. It’s to assure normalizing relations with Russia won’t happen after Obama leaves office. 
It’s also part of a coup attempt to deny Trump the office he won. It shows America is a banana republic like others so designated – a deplorable state of affairs, media scoundrels playing a lead role in proliferating incendiary fake news.
On Thursday, Obama held his final press conference, using it to praise his disgraceful tenure, America thirdworldized on his watch, ticking off a laundry list of Big Lies.
At the same time, he ignored his deplorable record, his imperial war crimes, corporate favoritism at the expense of social justice, police state harshness against nonbelievers, and despicable Russia bashing.
Obama: “The world…is united in horror at the savage assaults by the Syrian regime and its Russian and Iranian allies on the city of Aleppo.”
“We have seen a deliberate strategy of surrounding, besieging and starving innocent civilians. We’ve seen relentless targeting of humanitarian workers and medical personnel, entire and neighbors reduced to rubble and dust.” 
“There are continuing reports of civilians being executed. These are all horrific violations of international law.”
“Responsibility for this brutality lies in one place alone, with the Assad regime and its allies, Russia and Iran, and this blood and these atrocities are on their hands.”
Fact: Syrian and allied forces liberated Aleppo from the savagery of US-supported terrorists, a historic moment, Bashar al-Assad called it, perhaps a turning point in a war with miles to go.
Fact: Around 100,000 Syrian civilians were rescued from brutal captivity, transported to safety, given food and medical care as needed. None were starved to death or shot. International law was observed, not violated.
Fact: Throughout months of fighting, Russia and Syria alone provided humanitarian aid – America and its rogue allies sending it only to terrorists, nothing for Aleppo residents in need.
Obama: “(W)e’ll continue to press for a transition to a more representative government…”
Fact: His comment is code language for lawless regime change. Syrians overwhelmingly want none of it.
Obama: “(T)he Russians were responsible for hacking the DNC…(I)n early September (at the G-20 meeting) in China, I…t(old) (Putin) to cut it out. There were going to be some serious consequences it he did not.”
Fact: No evidence suggests Russian US election hacking. None exists. Claims otherwise are fake news. Obama barely stopped short of blaming Putin for what never happened.
Obama: Hillary was “disadvantage(d)” v. Trump because of how media covered her. “I don’t think she was treated fairly…I think the coverage of her and the issues was troubling.”
Fact: Hillary got overwhelmingly positive coverage, Trump mercilessly vilified. Obama’s comments were laughable, an utter perversion of truth like virtually all his remarks at all times.
Obama: On November 8, popular “votes that were cast were counted, and counted appropriately.”
Fact: Major irregularities were discovered in Detroit favoring Hillary, suggesting similar ones nationwide in her favor. Yet she still lost.
Asked if he believes Putin was personally involved in election hacking, Obama said “I don’t want to step on top of (an) ongoing investigation.”
On Thursday, Hillary addressed large donors to her campaign in Manhattan – irresponsibly blaming Russia for hacking her campaign and the DNC “to undermine our democracy,” disgracefully claiming Putin ordered them “because he has a personal beef against me.”
“This is not just an attack on me and my campaign…This is an attack against our country. We are well beyond normal political concerns here. This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.”
Fact: What utter rubbish, one of many reasons why most Americans detest her, believing she’s dishonest, untrustworthy and unfit for public service – so far unaccountable for high crimes.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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