Israel Hysterical Over Security Council Put-Down

Israel Hysterical Over Security Council Put-Down
by Stephen Lendman
Israeli settlements and occupation of Palestine are flagrantly illegal. Friday’s Security Council Resolution 2334 affirmed the former. 
Action on the latter should follow, despite no UN enforcement authority to change things on the ground.
Even so, Palestinians are joyous over Friday’s vote, Israeli officials hysterical. Netanyahu called Obama hostile to Israel, ludicrously accusing him of “a shameful anti-Israeli ambush.”
He ordered funding cut off for five UN agencies, promising more measures against the world body, possibly banning its officials from entering Israel and Occupied Palestine.
Israeli aid to Senegal was halted, one of the four countries behind Res. 2334. Israel’s ambassador to the country was recalled, along with its envoy to New Zealand, also pushing the measure.
Malaysia and Venezuela have no diplomatic relations with Israel, the other two countries urging the resolution be adopted.
Netanyahu vowed to ignore it. Israel breaches international law with impunity – without fear of punitive action, especially from Washington, its longstanding paymaster ally, supplying it with billions of dollars in mostly military aid.
It’s used to brutalize and massacre Palestinians, along with bullying and attacking its neighbors. It’s at war with Syria without declaring it, intermittently terror-bombing its territory, a cowardly war crime.
Fascist, zionist lunatics run Israel, a pariah state. Netanyahu blustered, saying “(w)hen I spoke yesterday with congressional leaders and the incoming US administration, they told me most clearly: ‘We are fed up and it will not last. We will change this decision, we will not let anyone harm the State of Israel.’ “
He vowed to extract a price from anyone challenging Israel’s right to do whatever it damn pleases, no matter the rule of law or human cost. 
Public security minister Gilad Erdan called for “immediate annexation of the settlement blocs (along with accelerated) construction throughout the land,” including beyond the Green Line.
An earlier postponed controversial measure to authorize West Bank outposts is “back on the table,” perhaps certain to pass despite Israel’s High Court ruling them illegal.
The so-called Regulation Bill would legalize 4,000 housing units on privately owned/stolen Palestinian land.
Trump vowed “things will be different after Jan. 20.” Neocon Senator Ted Cruz called for no US funding for the world body until Res. 2334 is reversed.
Neocon Senator Lindsey Graham intends proposing a congressional measure to block UN funding, blustering “I am going to lead that break.”
House Speaker Paul Ryan, John McCain and other congressional neocons may support it, perhaps Trump going along.
On Christmas eve, he tweeted “(t)he big loss yesterday for Israel in the United Nations will make it much harder to negotiate peace. Too bad, but we will get it done anyway!”
Decades of attempts failed because Israel wants endless conflict and instability, not peace and Palestinian self-determination.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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