No Joy to the World Throughout the Year

No Joy to the World Throughout the Year
by Stephen Lendman
How can there be with wars raging out-of control! Who’s celebrating while mass slaughter and destruction persist?
No Christmas cheer this year for billions. No Feliz Navidad. No happy holiday. No Wise Men spreading good will. 
No silent, holy night. No decking the halls. No herald angels singing. None heard on high. 
No coming all ye faithful. No telling it on the mountain. No merry gentlemen resting. No peace on earth coming upon a midnight clear. No white Christmas dreams.
No most wonderful time of the year. No having yourself a merry little Christmas. No holly jolly one. No wishing you one in times of war, injustice and human suffering. They rage on an unprecedented scale. 
No frosty the snowman fun. No winter wonderland. No jingle bells joy. No auld lang syne.
No Christmas 2016 to remember. No Santa on his sleigh. None coming to town. No gifts for billions. 
No peace with war winds raging. None with global human misery. America is scrooge on steroids. It’s the grinch that stole Christmas.
Western media scoundrels claim otherwise. They support the worst of all possible worlds. They pretend aggressive wars are liberating ones. 
They claim nations are destroyed to free them. They call imperial dominance democracy.
They glorify wars in the name of peace. Humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect (R2P) mask ravaging one country after another. Mass slaughter and destruction reflect it. 
They call plunder economic development. They pretend Christmas 2016 reflects peace and good will on earth. 
They ignore what matters most. They turn a blind eye to US imperial savagery. Unprecedented human suffering reflects it. 
It persists globally. They sweep it under the rug. They air brush it from history. They ignore reality. Hypocrisy and indifference substitute.
The slightly edited above content was part of an earlier yearend article. How can there be joy and good cheer with America waging war on humanity at home and abroad?
Good sense rejects the idea of giving thanks for punishing poverty, unemployment, underemployment, hunger, homelessness, untreated diseases, starvation, and human misery on an appalling scale.
Festiveness is meaningless when survival matters most. Holiday season is no time off from global suffering, especially in US war theaters, millions victimized by imperial viciousness.
Book of Matthew passages, saying “(b)lessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth…Blessed are the merciful…the pure of heart…the peacemakers” seem out-of-place in a violent, chaotic world showing no signs of change.
How can there be joy to a world plagued by pain, torment, heartache, misery and human suffering – the price humanity pays for its privileged few to benefit at the expense of most others.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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