Media Scoundrels Cheerlead Big Lies About Nonexistent Russian Hacking

Media Scoundrels Cheerlead Big Lies About Nonexistent Russian Hacking
by Stephen Lendman
As expected, The NYT disgracefully accepted the deceptive testimonies of top US intelligence officials before Senate Armed Services Committee members, claiming Russia “hack(ed)” America’s election, “rebuffing…Trump calling it “ridiculous.”
Saying “our assessment now is even more resolute,” Clapper lied like earlier, accusing Russia of hacking America’s election – presenting no proof backing his claim. Why not? Because there is none. No Russian hacking occurred. Claiming otherwise is a Big Lie.
The Times: Intelligence officials will tell Trump on Friday that “he won with an assist from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.”
Fact: Blatantly false! The Times was caught in a bald-faced lie, more evidence of its worthlessness as a self-styled newspaper of record. 
A same day article explained Clapper was clear and unequivocal, saying alleged Russian hacking (sic) didn’t “change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. We have no way of gauging any impact it had on the choices the electorate made.”
On January 20, former Senator Dan Coats will replace him as DNI head. Separately, neocon former CIA head James Woolsey announced he’s no longer part of Trump’s transition team. It’s unclear if he was forced out or left voluntarily. 
He never should have been appointed in the first place, a war criminal, supporting endless aggression against sovereign independent states and other high crimes.
Separately, Times editors blasted Trump’s questioning of US intelligence credibility – his duty when evidence suggests it’s fabricated. 
Echoes of Saddam’s nonexistent WMDs, yellowcake uranium, aluminum tubes and more Big Lies are well remembered by anyone paying attention.
Fake news roared for months ahead of America’s 2003 war of aggression on Iraq, an unending conflict nearly 14 years later, the cradle of civilization destroyed, millions of its people dead from war, related violence, untreated diseases and overall deprivation, one of history’s great crimes.
The Times cheerled the run-up to war and its near-term aftermath, publishing daily virtual Pentagon front page press release feature stories – all based on Big Lies. Trump is right to debunk what lacks credibility. The Times and other media scoundrels disgrace themselves by supporting utter rubbish.
The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post reported what their agency handlers ordered them to say about Senate Armed Services Committee proceedings on nonexistent Russian US election hacking – no further explanation needed.
The Wall Street Journal published the same Big Lies, claiming “a multifaceted Russian campaign that went well beyond leaking hacked emails…to include classic propaganda, disinformation and fake news.”
Where’s the beef? Clapper lied, saying “we’ve never encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our election process” – while providing no evidence backing his assertion, accentuated by explaining nothing suggests anything changed the election results.
Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. Russia engineered the most “aggressive” ever meddling in a US election, according to Clapper.
Yet no evidence suggests it. None was presented. None exists, and Clapper admitted nothing changed the election results. 
In the post-WW II era, America interfered in scores of foreign elections, virtually always affecting the results for ill, not good.
Yet the most “aggressive” ever alleged electoral meddling by Russia laid an egg, according to Clapper, failing to change how things turned out.
Draw your own conclusions!
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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