CNN Sinks to New Low

CNN Sinks to New Low
by Stephen Lendman
Trump accurately called it “fake news,” a label describing all media scoundrels – substituting managed news misinformation and Big Lies for hard truths and full disclosure, especially on issues mattering most.
Laughably calling itself “the most trusted name in news,” CNN president Jeff Zucker shamelessly said its “credibility is higher than ever.”
It didn’t earn the nickname Clinton News Network for fair and balanced political reporting. Its consistent fake news is a national disgrace.
On Wednesday, it sunk to a new low, provocatively imagining inaugural day disaster – Trump’s assassination along with the GOP line of succession, including the incoming vice president, as well as the GOP House and Senate leadership.
CNN asked “(w)hat if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one? Who would be the designated survivor if this occurs?”
Obama could appoint one of his cabinet members, presumably John Kerry. The 22nd Amendment prohibits him from serving a third term.
The scenario CNN presented would keep the presidency in Democrat party hands, Trump cabinet and other picks to be replaced by Obama/Hillary loyalists. 
What’s going on? Were pro-Hillary dark forces behind CNN’s report? Does it suggest a possible diabolical scenario in the works? Is a coup d’etat scheme planned to remove Trump from office – by impeachment or assassination? Is he doomed before beginning to serve?
Is full-blown tyranny approaching, the fantasy democracy mask entirely stripped off, perhaps the Constitution suspended and martial law declared on the pretext of keeping order?
Was Trump’s “Nazi Germany” tweet prescient? Though elected America’s legitimate 45th president, “(i)t ain’t over till it’s over,” as baseball great Yogi Berra once said, his comment unrelated to politics.
Separately at the billionaire’s ball in Davos (aka the World Economic Forum), Hillary supporter George Soros raged against Trump – disgracefully calling him “an imposter and con man and would-be dictator,” adding:
“I personally am convinced that he is going to fail, not because of people like me who would like him to fail, but because the ideas that guide him are inherently self-contradictory. And the contradictions are actually already embodied by his advisors.”
Ad hominem attacks are a Soros specialty. Reportedly he lost a billion dollars, betting the wrong way on the election’s outcome. He poured millions of dollars into Hillary’s campaign, furious at how things turned out, likely wanting revenge.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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