Outgoing CIA Director Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Outgoing CIA Director Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat by Stephen Lendman America needs enemies to advance its imperial agenda. None exist so they’re invented - a pretext for current wars, future ones, color revolutions, old-fashioned coups and assassinations. It’s been the American way from the republic’s inception, a culture of violence persisting at home and abroad... Continue Reading →

Kerry Faults Trump for Candid Geopolitical Comments

Kerry Faults Trump for Candid Geopolitical Comments by Stephen Lendman Interviewed by CNN, Kerry ignored longstanding US global meddling, saying it’s “inappropriate for a president-elect of the United States to be stepping in to the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner…” He referred to Trump criticizing Germany’s immigration policy, saying Brexit is... Continue Reading →

Obscene Wealth of Eight Mega-Billionaires

Obscene Wealth of Eight Mega-Billionaires by Stephen Lendman The super-wealth of an elite eight equals a staggering $427 billion - as much as humanity’s 3.6 billion poorest, struggling daily to survive, many not making it. Oxfam highlighted unprecedented global inequality, threatening social stability. The chasm between super-rich and desperate poor is obscene. Instead of abating,... Continue Reading →

Russia Concerned About West Disrupting Ceasefire in Syria

Russia Concerned About West Disrupting Ceasefire in Syria by Stephen Lendman At his yearend press conference, Sergey Lavrov urged Western nations to avoid disruptive practices. Obama undermined Russia’s good faith cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution efforts - supporting the terrorist scourge he claimed to oppose. Hopefully Trump intends a constructive approach, working cooperatively with... Continue Reading →

America is No. 1 in All the Wrong Things

America Is No. 1 in All the Wrong Things by Stephen Lendman American exceptionalism is a great deception - except in negative terms. No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over a longer duration. None more maniacally pursues unchallenged world dominance at the expense of raping and destroying one country after... Continue Reading →

Trump Calls for Making Good Deals with Russia

Trump Calls for Making Good Deals with Russia by Stephen Lendman In interviews with London’s Sunday Times and Germany’s Bild, both published on January 16, four days before his inauguration, Trump called for negotiating deals with Russia benefitting both countries. Earlier he said “(t)he United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until... Continue Reading →

Trumpcare Nears Completion

Trumpcare Nears Completion by Stephen Lendman In a Saturday Washington Post interview, Trump said Obamacare will be replaced by “insurance for everybody,” without explaining specifics of his plan, while vowing to negotiate a better deal on drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid. Big Pharma is “politically protected, but not anymore,” he said. Market-based medicine works... Continue Reading →

America: World’s Leading Hacker

America: World’s Leading Hacker buy Stephen Lendman Washington recklessly accuses Russia and China of hacking while providing no evidence backing its claims. At the same time, it’s silent about most Internet servers located in America, facilitating its espionage, including hacking to obtain unauthorized data. Washington rules mandate doing what “we” say, not what “we” do.... Continue Reading →

Paris Middle East Conference Joint Declaration

Paris Middle East Conference Joint Declaration by Stephen Lendman On January 15, over 70 countries attending the Paris Middle East peace conference accomplished nothing toward resolving decades of vicious Israeli occupation harshness. Resolutions, proclamations, communiques and declarations are worthless without teeth backing them. Lofty language, affirmations and other rhetoric don’t substitute for action. Israel is... Continue Reading →

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