Trump Meets the Press

Trump Meets the Press by Stephen Lendman While campaigning and during so-called presidential debates, Trump proved himself able to handle whatever comes at him. Using Twitter to communicate to 19.6 million followers, the number increasingly daily. Last week, it was 19.1 million, an impressive increase in a few days, likely to keep growing after succeeding... Continue Reading →

Trump Calling CNN Fake News a Good Start

Trump Calling CNN Fake News a Good Start by Stephen Lendman CNN operated as the Clinton News Network throughout the political season, delivering disgraceful one-sided election coverage, press agent journalism, not the real thing. At his Wednesday news conference, Trump justifiably blasted the network as “fake news,” a “terrible” organization, refusing to take a question... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Could Face Indictment

Netanyahu Could Face Indictment by Stephen Lendman He remains unaccountable for high crimes of war and against humanity, for vicious state terror, for policies threatening regional and world peace. Not a glove laid on him for wrongdoing this egregious. He may have been too smart by half, caught red-handed on tape, negotiating a quid pro... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Deplorable Last Hurrah

Obama’s Deplorable Last Hurrah by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday evening, Obama delivered his self-styled farewell address - as demagogic and duplicitous as all his others.  A separate article discussed what he left unexplained - the enormous harm he inflicted on humanity at home and abroad throughout his tenure. His farewell address included a recitation of... Continue Reading →

What Obama’s Farewell Address Didn’t Explain

What Obama’s Farewell Address Didn’t Explain by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday evening, Obama delivered his farewell address from Chicago, his adopted home city. He lied, deceived and misinformed like he always does.  He explained nothing about arguably the most disgraceful eight years in US history. He betrayed the public trust from day one.  No US... Continue Reading →

Fabricated Russian Hacking Claim Getting Surreal

Fabricated Russian Hacking Claim Getting Surreal by Stephen Lendman Repeat after me. No Russian hacking occurred. Neither Russia or any other foreign or internal source interfered in America’s election. No evidence proves it. None exists. Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Information supplied WikiLeaks was internally leaked by one of more Democrat party insiders angry over... Continue Reading →

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