Dutch Court Blocks Truth-Telling on MH17’s Downing

Dutch Court Blocks Truth-Telling on MH17’s Downing by Stephen Lendman America’s Machiavellian long arm reaches virtually everywhere - likely involved in assuring a Dutch court blocked data on MH17’s downing gathered by independent journalists, wanting it kept suppressed to prevent exposing the fraudulent official findings. The incident was a classic false flag. Russia had nothing... Continue Reading →

What Obama’s Farewell Address Won’t Say

What Obama’s Farewell Address Won’t Say by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday evening, Obama will deliver his farewell address from Chicago, his adopted home city. He’ll lie, deceive and misinform like he always does.  He’ll say nothing about arguably the most disgraceful eight years in US history. He betrayed the public trust from day one.  No... Continue Reading →

Fake Bomb Threats in 16 US Jewish Centers

Fake Bomb Threats in 16 US Jewish Centers by Stephen Lendman In what appeared to be an orchestrated deception, a coordinated false flag, phony threats were reported at 16 Jewish centers in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee.  Police found no evidence of bombs in any of the... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Invents New Way to Persecute Palestinians

Netanyahu Invents New Way to Persecute Palestinians by Stephen Lendman In the week ending January 4, Israeli forces conducted 74 lawless incursions into Palestinian communities (over 10 daily), abducted 67 defenseless civilians, including 10 children. One woman was shot three times with live fire, then arrested on fabricated charges - political, not legitimate reasons. Vicious... Continue Reading →

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