Obama Vilifies Russia on ABC News Sunday

Obama Vilifies Russia on ABC News Sunday by Stephen Lendman His despicable record of endless wars of aggression, neoliberal harshness, thirdworldizing America, police state rule, and contempt for humanity will remain part of the historical record long after he’s out of office. He’s using his waning days to do more harm than already, leaving office... Continue Reading →

NYT Frantic Over Growing Russian/Turkish Ties

NYT Frantic Over Growing Russian/Turkish Ties by Stephen Lendman Russia, Turkey and Iran formed a trilateral alliance for achieving cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution in Syria - Washington excluded from participation for obvious reasons. Russian and Iranian goals are clear. Turkish President Erdogan has lots of proving to do. He may be playing the... Continue Reading →

Actress Meryl Streep’s Disgraceful Golden Globes Speech

Actress Meryl Streep’s Disgraceful Golden Globes Speech by Stephen Lendman Annual Golden Globes awards presented by Hollywood’s Foreign Press Association honor excellence in films and television. On Sunday night, the 74th event was held. Instead of accepting the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award graciously, Streep disgracefully politicized it by bashing Trump without mentioning him... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Threatens Jews and Arabs Alike

Netanyahu Threatens Jews and Arabs Alike by Stephen Lendman In March 2015, his Likud party won 30 of 120 Knesset seats, over three-fourths of Israelis supporting other parties. With likeminded extremist coalition partners, he remained prime minister after an election he seemed likely to lose. He exceeds Sharonian evil, a world class thug, menacing Jews... Continue Reading →

Israeli Double Standard on Terrorism

Israeli Double Standard on Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Among countries its size, none matches its brutality against people it controls - treated viciously for praying to the wrong God. None its size is a greater perpetrator of state terror domestically and abroad, none more unaccountable for Nuremberg-level crimes, none more arrogantly dismissive, none more offensive... Continue Reading →

US Report on Nonexistent Russian Hacking Made Its Intelligence Community a Laughing Stock

US Report on Nonexistent Russian Hacking Made Its Intelligence Community a Laughing Stock by Stephen Lendman The scheme to blame Russia for US election hacking failed. It laid an egg. It made Washington’s intelligence community look like rank amateurs.  Americans overwhelmingly disbelieve its rubbish for good reason. With no evidence cited, it lacks credibility.  It’s... Continue Reading →

War in Syria Far From Over

War in Syria Far From Over by Stephen Lendman The past 15 months changed things dramatically on the ground. Russia’s intervention was a game-changer, short of decisive so far. Hopefully liberating Syria from its US-supported terrorist scourge is possible with a changing of the guard in Washington. Trump expressed an intention to cooperate with Russia... Continue Reading →

America’s Tweeter-in-Chief

America’s Tweeter-in-Chief by Stephen Lendman Trump’s agenda is as much guesswork as likely expectations at this point. How he intends operating won’t be known until he takes office and begins serving. Even then, it’ll take a while. We’ll know more after his first 100 days in office, much more after months to follow. He has... Continue Reading →

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