Russia’s Assessment of World Conditions

Russia’s Assessment of World Conditions by Stephen Lendman Russia’s geopolitical agenda is a force for good, not ill - polar opposite of how America and NATO operate, waging endless wars on humanity for unchallenged global dominance. According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, international conditions remain tense. Ongoing conflicts are hugely destabilizing. The terrorist threat remains acute.... Continue Reading →

Zero Credibility to Latest Russian Hacking Report

Zero Credibility to Latest Russian Hacking Report by Stephen Lendman Since accusations of Russian US election hacking first surfaced last summer, America’s intelligence community produced ZERO evidence supporting its claims. Without it, they’re baseless - fake news, Big Lies. The dirty game goes something like this. America needs enemies to justify its bloated military spending,... Continue Reading →

Major Geopolitical Concerns Ahead

Major Geopolitical Concerns Ahead by Stephen Lendman Anti-war activists hoped an era of world peace and stability would follow the Soviet Union’s dissolution a generation ago. What followed was polar opposite. America needs enemies to justify its bloated military spending, its global empire of bases, and reckless imperial agenda.  It wants unchallenged global dominance no... Continue Reading →

Warning: Anti-Russia Fake News Below

Warning: Anti-Russia Fake News Below by Stephen Lendman Virtually all corporate owned or supported broadsheets, magazines, other published material and electronic news reek of anti-Russia fake news - Americans carpet-bombed with it daily. You’d think by now the vast majority would know they’re being lied to. Yet no matter how often they were fooled before,... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Kerry’s Cabinet Exit Memo

Deconstructing Kerry’s Cabinet Exit Memo by Stephen Lendman His January 20 departure will sadden no peace, equity and justice supporters. The Hillary/Kerry combo at State outdid their predecessors in promoting Washington’s rape and pillage of one country after another. Kerry’s exit memo was beginning-to-end disinformation and Big Lies. Kerry: “The United States is more secure,... Continue Reading →

Fiasco Senate Meeting on Nonexistent Russian Hacking

Fiasco Senate Hearing on Nonexistent Russian Hacking by Stephen Lendman Thursday’s Senate hearing on phony accusations of Russian hacking trotted out the usual suspects - DNI head James Clapper, NSA director admiral Mike Rogers and defense undersecretary for intelligence Marcel Rogers. CIA chief John Brennan was away, addressing the University of Chicago Institute of Politics,... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels Cheerlead Big Lies About Nonexistent Russian Hacking

Media Scoundrels Cheerlead Big Lies About Nonexistent Russian Hacking by Stephen Lendman As expected, The NYT disgracefully accepted the deceptive testimonies of top US intelligence officials before Senate Armed Services Committee members, claiming Russia “hack(ed)” America’s election, “rebuffing…Trump calling it “ridiculous.” Saying “our assessment now is even more resolute,” Clapper lied like earlier, accusing Russia... Continue Reading →

Russia Begins Scaling Back Operations in Syria

Russia Begins Scaling Back Operations in Syria by Stephen Lendman Putin ordered a partial drawdown of Russian forces from Syria, given Aleppo’s liberation, other anti-terrorist successes, conflict resolution talks set to begin on January 23 in Astana, Kazakhstan, and Trump set to succeed Obama in two weeks.  He said he’ll cooperate with Russia in combating... Continue Reading →

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