House Resolution Supporting Illegal Israeli Settlements

House Resolution Supporting Illegal Israeli Settlements by Stephen Lendman Bipartisan neocons infest Congress. One-sided support for Israel’s high crimes is longstanding - including settlement construction on stolen Palestinian land. Security Council Resolution 2334 affirmed the illegality of Israeli settlements. They constitute a serious breach of international law, yet no action was ever taken to stop... Continue Reading →

Attempted Coup Against Trump Continues

Attempted Coup Against Trump Continues by Stephen Lendman Pro-Hillary, anti-Trump coup plotters keep throwing endless amounts of dirt against the wall, hoping something sticks to oust him or undermines his presidency if removal efforts fail. Various attempts so far fizzled, a final hurdle to cross on January 6 when Congress convenes a joint session to... Continue Reading →

New Twist on Fake News Russian Hacking Story

New Twist on Fake News Russian Hacking Story by Stephen Lendman All the huffing and puffing and slandering and fear-mongering and lying for months about Russian hacking failed to make the case.  Not a shred of evidence was presented supporting accusations made. A previous article cited polling data, showing most Americans disbelieve it. In US... Continue Reading →

Lunatics Running Israel Consider Murdering Palestinians Heroic

Lunatics Running Israel Consider Murdering Palestinians Heroic by Stephen Lendman The policy began with zionist zealots claiming historic Palestine belongs to Jews alone, Palestinians having no right to their own land. They accepted nothing less, reinventing history to justify their ruthlessness.  Implementation began during pre-1948 years of Jewish terrorist attacks on enemies before Israel became... Continue Reading →

You’re Being Lied to!

You’re Being Lied to! by Stephen Lendman Believe nothing at face value from government at all levels and scoundrel media sources. On all issues mattering most, especially geopolitical ones, they systematically lie - fake news substituting for truth-telling, information important to know suppressed. Media scoundrels operate as virtual press agents for wealth, power and privileged... Continue Reading →

The Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act

The Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act by Stephen Lendman Three Republican neocon senators, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Dean Heller, introduced legislation to move America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The measure withholds certain State Department funding until the move is completed. Trump promised he’d relocate it where it doesn’t belong. Jerusalem... Continue Reading →

Washington: A City Bereft of Ethics

Washington: A City Bereft of Ethics by Stephen Lendman House Republicans voting in secret to gut its Office of Congressional Ethics, a nonpartisan body established to monitor ethical conduct of its members, then reversing itself straightaway, is minor compared to the greater issue - the Washington swamp too corrupted and lawless to drain. Even with... Continue Reading →

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