Fake News Russian Hacking Accusation Persists

Fake News Russian Hacking Accusation Persists by Stephen Lendman Months after a joint Department of Homeland Security/Director of National Intelligence (DHS/DNI) statement fraudulently accused Russia of hacking DNC emails “intended to interfere with the US elections process,” no evidence was provided to prove it because none exists. The accusation was fabricated, an attempt to delegitimize... Continue Reading →

Israeli Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter

Israeli Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter by Stephen Lendman In March 2016, Israeli sergeant Elor Azaiar Elor Azaria murdered ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Sharif in cold blood as he lay helpless, wounded on the ground. Video evidence showed Azaria lethally shooting al-Sharif in the head at point-blank range. Another nearby soldier said he “did the right thing.” He... Continue Reading →

Israeli Abuses Against Palestinian Children in 2016

Israeli Abuses Against Palestinian Children in 2016 by Stephen Lendman Israel treats Palestinian children as abusively as adults. Last year was no exception, nor is relief in prospect ahead. According to Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP), Israeli soldiers and other security forces killed 32 Palestinian children last year, the highest death toll in a... Continue Reading →

Campaign to Impeach Trump

Campaign to Impeach Trump by Stephen Lendman A personal note. My comments below reflect a commitment to rule of law principles, not support or rejection of Trump as America’s 45th president. Judge him based on how he serves once in office, no other way. Deplorable treatment he got while campaigning and continuing post-election as president-elect... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Facebook Bill

Israel’s Facebook Bill by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu and likeminded extremist MKs want views opposing their own suppressed - especially ones expressed by Palestinians in their longstanding struggle for justice. On Tuesday, a controversial Facebook bill passed its first reading. Two more are required for it to become law. The measure would let Netanyahu’s coalition regime... Continue Reading →

Obama Obstructing Syria Peace Talks

Obama Obstructing Syria Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman In his waning days in office, Obama seems determined to intensify US adversarial relations with Russia, obstruct Syria peace talks in Astana, Kazakhstan later in January, and who knows what else - more evidence of a rogue leader, his tenure representing pure evil. With attribution to Franklin... Continue Reading →

WaPo Mea Culpa

WaPo Mea Culpa by Stephen Lendman Rarely do US media scoundrels admit misreporting. Rare admissions virtually always come after irreparable damage was done - the initial account remembered, corrections largely unnoticed. A previous article discussed WaPo’s fake news story about Russia allegedly cyberattacking a Vermont utility.  It was made up. It didn’t happen. The account... Continue Reading →

Israel Encourages Cold-Blooded Murder

Israel Encourages Cold-Blooded Murder by Stephen Lendman It’s been longstanding policy throughout its sordid history, intensified by Netanyahu’s ruthlessness along with other hardliners infesting his coalition regime. On January 2, Human Rights Watch (HRW) headlined “Israel/Palestine: Some Officials Backing ‘Shoot-to-Kill’ - Calls for Extrajudicial Killings of Palestinian Suspects Proliferate,” saying: Senior Netanyahu officials endorse lethally... Continue Reading →

WaPo Wants Trump Standing for What It Opposes

WaPo Wants Trump Standing for What It Opposes by Stephen Lendman In a New Year’s day editorial, WaPo discussed the “unsupportable” and “dangerous” Trump presidency - seditious sounding language. He “pose(s) (a) threat to democratic norms and civility,” it said - no evidence cited. He “celebrat(ed) violence at rallies…” They were instigated at least in... Continue Reading →

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