Russia Redeploying Withdrawn Combat Aircraft to Syria

Russia Redeploying Withdrawn Combat Aircraft to Syria by Stephen Lendman According to Russian language Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily, Russia intends redeploying Ka-52 advanced combat helicopters and Su-25 warplanes to be part of current operations to liberate Palmyra for a second time from ISIS. Izvestia said redeployment aims “to compensate for the lack of Syrian artillery strike... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Proposed Safe Zones in Syria Risk Escalated War

Trump’s Proposed Safe Zones in Syria Risk Escalated War by Stephen Lendman Trump saying he’ll “absolutely do safe zones in Syria for the people” has nothing to do with protecting them, if implemented.  It’s about keeping refugees out of Europe and America. It’s continued US interventionism abroad, what he rhetorically opposed.  The best way to... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Anti-Muslim Executive Order

Trump’s Anti-Muslim Executive Order by Stephen Lendman His executive order titled “Protecting the Nation From Terrorist Attacks From Foreign Nationals” suspends immigration from targeted Muslim countries. It reflects racist discrimination, not protecting the country from Islamic extremists. It’s about fear-mongering, equating Muslims with terrorism, hyping nonexistent threats to justify America’s imperial agenda and contempt for... Continue Reading →

Trump’s New Stance on NATO?

Trump’s New Stance on NATO? by Stephen Lendman Candidate Trump called it “obsolete,” saying the alliance needs reframing, focusing on combating ISIS and other terrorist threats, not targeting countries for regime change. He suggested America might not defend certain NATO states if attacked, complained about America carrying too great a financial burden, many other members... Continue Reading →

Former Soviet Leader Says World Preparing for War

Former Soviet Leader Says World Preparing for War by Stephen Lendman Elder statesman, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev will be age 86 in March. In 2014, he overcame serious health issues, weeks earlier spoke publicly in Moscow, and continues expressing views on major world issues. On January 26, Time magazine published his op-ed, expressing... Continue Reading →

Putin/Trump Deal to Carve Up Syria? Not Likely!

Putin/Trump Deal to Carve Up Syria? Not Likely! by Stephen Lendman Israeli military intelligence-connected DEBKAfile (DF) suggested Putin and Trump struck a deal “to establish US, Russian and Turkish security zones in Syria…transfer(ing) military control of the country to those three powers.” DF’s credibility blows hot and cold, at times best to take it with... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Disturbing First Week in Office

Trump’s Disturbing First Week in Office by Stephen Lendman After responsibly pulling America out of the TPP, it’s been all down hill. His top priority should be do no harm, not America first. Disturbing anti-China, anti-Iran saber rattling by him and key administration officials bodes ill if not curbed.  Promising to cut regulations by 75%... Continue Reading →

Mixed Signals from Washington on Torture

Mixed Signals from Washington on Torture by Stephen Lendman Trump’s Secretary of Defense James (“mad dog”) Mattis said it doesn’t work. His CIA director Mike Pompeo believes it does. Trump said he’s OK with whatever they want, earlier indicating support for waterboarding (torture by any standard) and much worse - believing torture works despite clear... Continue Reading →

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