Tulsi Gabbard Truth-Telling v. CNN Big Lies on Syria

Tulsi Gabbard Truth-Telling v. CNN Big Lies on Syria by Stephen Lendman CNN is a longstanding cesspool of managed news misinformation and Big Lies on all issues mattering most. Interviewed by Jake Tapper on January 25, her straight talk truth-telling exposed his Big Lies. She explained her “commitment is on ending this war that has... Continue Reading →

ABC News Interviews Trump

ABC News Interviews Trump by Stephen Lendman Trump took time off from authorizing executive actions and justifiable scoundrel media bashing to sit down with ABC News’ David Muir at the White House. Admitting the enormity of his job, he said his responsibility is clear when “talking to the generals about problems in the world.” They... Continue Reading →

Mass Foggy Bottom Exodus

Mass Foggy Bottom Exodus by Stephen Lendman According to the Washington Post, incoming Trump Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s job just got tougher, saying: “The entire senior level of management officials resigned Wednesday, part of an ongoing mass exodus of senior foreign service officers who don’t want to stick around for the Trump era.” Once... Continue Reading →

Trump at War with Islam

Trump at War with Islam by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday, Trump tweeted “(b)ig day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among other things, we will build the wall.” He also temporarily (likely indefinitely) banned Muslim immigration from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen on the phony pretext of preventing Islamic terrorist attacks... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Ill-Conceived Great Wall

Trump’s Ill-Conceived Great Wall by Stephen Lendman Fortress Israel reveals the delusion and folly of great wall protection, encircling the country irresponsibly, spending billions of dollars, escalating apartheid ruthlessness, accomplishing nothing except greater hostility between Arabs and Jews. Trump’s proposed great wall along America’s southern border is ill-conceived. It risks harming relations with Mexico.  It’s... Continue Reading →

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Against Imperial War on Syria

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Against Imperial War on Syria by Stephen Lendman If Washington had more Gabbards and less neocons, world peace might break out all over - polar opposite America’s longstanding permanent war agenda, humanity’s scourge. On Wednesday, she issued a press release, calling for ending Washington’s “regime change war in Syria now.” She spent... Continue Reading →

Racist Lunatics Run the Israeli Asylum

Racist Lunatics Run the Israeli Asylum by Stephen Lendman With Trump’s election, Netanyahu and likeminded extremists are free to do whatever they please - no matter how ruthless, lawless, or viciously undemocratic, and make no mistake. They intend taking full advantage. Netanyahu called authorizing 2,500 new West Bank settlement units on Tuesday, a “taste” of... Continue Reading →

Police State Tactics Target Independent Journalists Covering Anti-Trump Protests

Police State Tactics Target Independent Journalists Covering Anti-Trump Protests by Stephen Lendman First Amendment rights are too precious to lose. Without them, all others are at risk. On January 20, six independent journalists were arrested in Washington for doing their jobs - covering protests during Trump’s inauguration. They committed no crimes, yet face possible prosecution... Continue Reading →

Syrian Opposition Groups Invited to Mosow

Syrian Opposition Groups Invited to Moscow by Stephen Lendman Ahead of next month’s continued peace talks in Geneva next, Sergey Lavrov invited representatives from Syrian opposition groups to meet with him in Moscow on January 27. Earlier in Astana, Kazakhstan, head of Russia’s delegation to peace talks, Alexander Lavrentyev, indicated they’d be coming. The Astana... Continue Reading →

Disturbing US Anti-China Saber Rattling

Disturbing US Anti-China Saber Rattling  by Stephen Lendman Saber rattling by Trump administration officials on China give pause for concern, continuing Obama’s hostile approach, risking direct confrontation if not curbed. At his Senate confirmation hearing, Secretary of State designee Rex Tillerson recklessly said “(w)e are going to have to send China a clear signal that,... Continue Reading →

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