Trump’s Election Hasn’t Stopped Anti-Russia Propaganda

Trump’s Election Hasn’t Stopped Anti-Russia Propaganda by Stephen Lendman Trump wants better relations with Russia, believing he and Vladimir Putin can get along. So far, his rhetorical shift in US policy hasn’t stopped state-sponsored anti-Russia propaganda. Brian Whitmore is a US Radio Free Liberty/Radio Liberty Russophobic propagandist. In response to Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey... Continue Reading →

Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly Accuses Israel of Murder

Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly Accuses Israel of Murder by Stephen Lendman Longstanding Israeli viciousness against defenseless Palestinians exceeds the worst of Saudi Arabia’s high crimes - an apartheid system far worse than South Africa’s, affecting millions of occupied people and Arab citizens. Based on a Council of Europe report addressing humanitarian crisis conditions in Gaza, its... Continue Reading →

Brexit On a Slow Track to Oblivion?

Brexit On a Slow Track to Oblivion? by Stephen Lendman Prime Minister Theresa May’s support for Brexit is more rhetorical than real. An audio recording leaked to London’s Guardian last May caught her as home secretary, saying “I think the economic arguments are clear. I think being part of a 500-million trading bloc is significant... Continue Reading →

Is TPP Dead or Dormant?

Is TPP Dead or Dormant? by Stephen Lendman The Obama administration went all out for its approval - a hugely secretive anti-consumer, anti-freedom, anti-environment, jobs-killing corporate giveaway race to the bottom. It’s all about greater than ever corporate empowerment under its rules, overriding domestic laws for maximum profit-making.  Obama lied, claiming it aims to “promote... Continue Reading →

The NYT Furious Over Trump Killing TPP

The NYT Furious Over Trump Killing TPP by Stephen Lendman On his first Monday in office, Trump fulfilled his campaign pledge to kill TPP, his memorandum saying future trade deals will be negotiated one-on-one with individual countries. He’s off to a good start in saving US jobs, his action and whatever follows hopefully helping to... Continue Reading →

Astana Syria Peace Talks Conclude

Astana Syria Peace Talks Conclude by Stephen Lendman Negotiating with terrorists is risky under any circumstances, especially with Turkey one of the key players involved. Throughout six years of conflict, it supported ISIS, al-Nusra and likeminded groups it now says it opposes. Has Erdogan turned a page or is he engaged in a grand deception... Continue Reading →

Senate Bill to Block Trump Easing Sanctions on Russia

Senate Bill to Block Trump Easing Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman Senate Russophobes Chuck Schumer (NY) and Ben Cardin (MD) proposed it. Lunatic fringe neocons John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) support it. Proposed legislation prohibits lifting sanctions on Russia without congressional approval, blocking Trump from acting by executive order in the interest... Continue Reading →

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