Trump and Netanyahu to Speak on Sunday

Trump and Netanyahu to Speak on Sunday by Stephen Lendman They both met face-to-face before. Sunday’s phone conversation will be their first post-inauguration, Netanyahu eager to work with America’s new president. Last March, at AIPAC’s annual conference, he said he’s “a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel.” He shamefully called the important Iran nuclear... Continue Reading →

Israel Intends Large-Scale Palestinian Land Theft

Israel Intends Large-Scale Palestinian Land Theft by Stephen Lendman Israeli settlements flagrantly violate international law. Over 600,000 settlers occupy stolen Palestinian land. Fourth Geneva prohibits an occupying power from transferring its citizens to the territory it occupies, as well as displacing people from their land to permit it.  Israel wants historic Palestine exclusively for Jews,... Continue Reading →

Trump at Work on Inauguration Day

Trump at Work on Inauguration Day by Stephen Lendman Along with the festivities of a long inaugural day, Trump signed his first executive order in the Oval Office. It calls on federal agencies to “ease the burden” of transition from Obamacare to Trumpcare, a work in progress, likely to make a deplorable industry-enriching scheme worse.... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Top Priorities

Trump’s Top Priorities by Stephen Lendman What he should and will do may be world’s apart. His top priorities should be world peace, stability, mutual cooperation with all nations, making America a model state, unlike its current pariah status, along with equity and justice for everyone. No president in US history reached that standard. Jack... Continue Reading →

Trump Administration Relations with Russia

Trump Administration Relations with Russia by Stephen Lendman Longstanding adversarial relations, hugely exacerbated by Obama’s neocon infested administration, won’t be easy to change - maybe impossible given US dark forces wanting them maintained - willing to risk nuclear war to achieve imperial objectives. Trump genuinely appears to want better bilateral relations. Huge challenges confront him,... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Bash Trump’s Inaugural Address

NYT Editors Bash Trump’s Inaugural Address by Stephen Lendman In contrast to Obama’s consistent demagogic doubletalk, painful to hear, Trump delivered an admirable inaugural address, abstaining from rosy scenario hyperbole, historic if able to follow through on pledges made - no easy task given enormous obstacles he’ll face. He repudiated America’s interventionist agenda, while vowing... Continue Reading →

WaPo Rains on Trump’s Parade

WaPo Rains on Trump’s Inaugural Parade by Stephen Lendman The neocon, CIA house organ Washington Post called Trump’s inaugural address “a sharp disappointment” - no surprise from a broadsheet maliciously denigrating him throughout the political season and post-election period. Instead of praising an admirable straight talk address, omitting phony rosy scenario hyperbole, WaPo lied, claiming... Continue Reading →

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump by Stephen Lendman Months earlier, who could have imagined the Alfred Hitchcock ending to America’s 2016 presidential race. An outsider defied predictions to become the nation’s 45th president. His inaugural address pledged to serve all Americans. “It all begins today right here, right now,” he said. “We are transferring power from Washington,... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Premier Blasts Obama

Russia’s Premier Blasts Obama by Stephen Lendman Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev used Facebook to blast Obama’s duplicity, braking his promise like virtually all others of importance. Russia’s then president was assured of US nuclear missile defense flexibility in bilateral talks. It wasn’t to be, or phony reset in US/Russia relations.  They’ve been more adversarial... Continue Reading →

Trump to Sign Executive Orders Straightaway

Trump to Sign Executive Orders Straightaway by Stephen Lendman According to Reuters, he’ll sign them on day one in office - on immigration (based on nationality, not religion), building a wall on the US/Mexico border, and rescinding various Obama era policies. Precisely what he’ll order is unknown until published on the White House web site.... Continue Reading →

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