Relentless NYT War on Trump and Russia

Relentless NYT War on Trump and Russia by Stephen Lendman The self-styled newspaper of record is a lying machine, a national disgrace - all the news most important to report suppressed, fake news substituting. On February 7, The Times blasted what it called “bromance” between Trump and Putin, calling it “a source of puzzlement and... Continue Reading →

Trump on NATO and Ukraine

Trump on NATO and Ukraine by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, Trump spoke with US-installed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.  According to a White House statement, he expressed “strong support for the” alliance, indicating he doesn’t consider it “obsolete” as stated earlier. He stressed getting “all NATO allies to meet their defense spending commitments” - at... Continue Reading →

Polls Show Anti-Russia Propaganda Works

Polls Show Anti-Russia Propaganda Works by Stephen Lendman Given unrelenting anti-Russia propaganda, ongoing for so long, during much of Obama’s tenure, continuing by Congress and media scoundrels, public hostility toward Russia is no surprise. Most Americans think Moscow interfered in last November’s election to help Trump defeat Hillary - despite no evidence suggesting it, baseless... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Vital Role in Combating Terrorism

Iran’s Vital Role in Combating Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Interviewed today by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, I was asked what conditions would be like today in Iran and regionally if the 1979 Revolution hadn’t occurred, an event I remember well as it unfolded and its immediate aftermath. I said if the repressive US-installed Pahlavi regime... Continue Reading →

Jews in Ukraine Endangered

Jews in Ukraine Endangered by Stephen Lendman Xenophonic, ultranationalist, fascist anti-Semites run Ukraine, courtesy of US policy under Obama - Trump so far doing nothing to halt them waging war on their own people. Nazi symbolism is openly displayed in Kiev. Ultranationists parade through the city, honoring Nazi-era collaborator/mass murderer Stepan Bandera. State-sponsored murder targets... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Hostility Toward Iran

Trump’s Hostility Toward Iran by Stephen Lendman His tough talk on Iran and administration actions so far are disturbing, reflecting longstanding US hostility since its 1979 revolution. It’s all about its sovereign independence, deference to Israel, and all that oil America covets. Its reserves are the world’s fourth largest. During his interview with Fox News... Continue Reading →

Americans: The World’s Most Over-Entertained, Uninformed Know-Nothings

Americans: The World’s Most Over-Entertained, Uninformed Know-Nothings by Stephen Lendman What more appropriate topic than on Super Bowl Sunday. The National Retail Federation estimates around 189 million Americans tuning in, myself not among them. On Monday, they’ll know all about “the game,” nothing about the major issues of our time, hugely affecting their lives, welfare... Continue Reading →

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