Is US Rapprochement with Russia Possible?

Is US Rapprochement with Russia Possible? by Stephen Lendman After a century of US hostility, except for time-out during WW II to defeat Nazism, it takes a giant leap of faith to think Trump, a businessman making his first foray into politics, can achieve what none of his predecessors accomplished since Woodrow Wilson’s era. Virtually... Continue Reading →

Justice Department Appeals Blocked Travel Ban

Justice Department Appeals Blocked Travel Ban by Stephen Lendman A blizzard of Trump tweets addressed the issue. See below. His entry into America suspension, targeting seven predominantly Muslim countries created an international firestorm. It was a terrible move, unconstitutional, politically motivated, unrelated to its stated purpose.  Instead of backing off, he’s contesting to get a... Continue Reading →

Ukraine an Obstacle to US Lifting Sanctions on Russia

Ukraine an Obstacle to US Lifting Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman Ukraine is a fascist police state, its putschist regime installed by Washington, waging war on its own people since usurping power in February 2014. Trump’s UN envoy Nikki Haley outrageously “condemn(ed) Russian actions” in Ukraine, ignoring flagrant Kiev aggression, shamefully claiming Ukrainian people... Continue Reading →

Trump Moves to Deregulate Wall Street

Trump Moves to Deregulate Wall Street by Stephen Lendman His February 3 executive order addressed deregulation of America’s financial system, largely operating ad libitum already - a symbolic action on his part. Congressional legislation is required to repeal or change so-called Dodd-Frank financial reform.  Obama’s measure was a scam, doing far more harm than good,... Continue Reading →

Temporary Restraining Order Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban on Designated Muslims Nationwide

Temporary Restraining Order Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban on Designated Muslims Nationwide by Stephen Lendman Affecting Muslims from seven countries, a previous article explained Trump’s entry into America and extreme vetting order is unrelated to border and national security protection. It’s all about politics, a racist unconstitutional order, largely targeting Muslims from nations where America’s imperial... Continue Reading →

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