Arizona Bill Threatens Protesters

Arizona Bill Threatens Protesters by Stephen Lendman Tyranny stalks Americans at the federal, state and local levels - fundamental freedoms fast disappearing. On Wednesday, Arizona’s Senate passed legislation targeting anyone orchestrating or participating in legitimate protests turned violent, even if through no fault of their own. The measure expands state racketeering laws to including rioting... Continue Reading →

War on Digital Democracy

War on Digital Democracy by Stephen Lendman Powerful interests are waging war to control our minds. Online freedom is threatened. I’ve been hacked and banished from Facebook for truth-telling. Google is suppressing content - removing sites from its search engine, censoring others, actions violating First Amendment rights. Google and Facebook changed their advertising policy to... Continue Reading →

Geneva IV Peace Talks on Syria Begin

Geneva IV Peace Talks on Syria Begin by Stephen Lendman Three previous rounds failed because Washington undermined them. Will this time be different? Pro-Western UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura said he’s “not expecting a breakthrough” - not a good sign as new peace talks begin after six years of devastating war, launched by... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Promote Hazardous Vaccines

NYT Editors Promote Hazardous Vaccines by Stephen Lendman Global vaccines are big business - estimated to reach nearly $60 billion in annual revenue by 2020, because of widespread use and escalating prices, a boon for Big Phama’s bottom line performance at the expense of human health. Vaccines contain toxic mercury and other heavy metals well... Continue Reading →

Trump: America’s Latest Warrior President

Trump: America’s Latest Warrior President by Stephen Lendman Trump’s first month in office proved nothing he said campaigning holds water. All politicians lie, saying whatever it takes to get elected, doing whatever they please once in office. In short order, America’s 45th president surrendered to Wall Street and war-profiteers, gorging at the public trough -... Continue Reading →

US Hostility Toward China

US Hostility Toward China by Stephen Lendman America is hostile toward all sovereign independent states, especially Russia, China and all resource rich ones. On Wednesday, Reuters reported information provided by two unnamed US officials, saying Beijing nearly finished building “almost two dozen structures” on islands on man-made islands in its own waters. Trump officials believe... Continue Reading →

Warriors Running Defense, National and Homeland Security Assure No End of US Phony War on Terror

Warriors Running Defense, National and Homeland Security Assure No End of US Phony War on Terror by Stephen Lendman So-called Israeli/Palestinian peace talks and America’s global war on terror are the two greatest hoaxes in modern times.  Washington’s scheme is all about advancing its hegemonic agenda, benefitting privileged interests at the expense of most others,... Continue Reading →

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