Standing Rock Water Protectors Face Eviction

Standing Rock Water Protectors Face Eviction by Stephen Lendman Courageous Standing Rock Sioux tribe members and supporters face eviction, along with possible police brutality and arrest for defending sacred ancestral land from environmentally destructive pipeline construction. They’ve struggled for justice since last April, not about to quit now. The stakes are too high. Surrounded by... Continue Reading →

Israel Again Terror-Bombs Syria

Israel Again Terror-Bombs Syria by Stephen Lendman Israel wants war on Syria continued, Assad removed, pro-Western governance installed, and Iran isolated ahead of targeting its sovereignty the same way. Does Trump support this agenda? It’s unknown. Yet US warplanes continue terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure sites, and reports suggest he may deploy combat troops, escalating conflict, not... Continue Reading →

Trump Plans Mass Deportations

Trump Plans Mass Deportations by Stephen Lendman Obama was notoriously called America’s “deporter-in-chief” for conducting sweeping Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids nationwide - expelling record numbers, more than all his predecessors combined. He largely targeted undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans, averaging over 1,000 deportations daily - people in the United States because destructive NAFTA... Continue Reading →

Posthumous Honors for Russia’s Vitaly Churkin

Posthumous Honors for Russia’s Vitaly Churkin by Stephen Lendman A same day article (on Lendman blog) discussed his untimely death on the eve of his 65th birthday - whether of natural causes or something more sinister remains to be determined. Admirers worldwide mourn his passing. Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded him Russia’s Order of Courage -... Continue Reading →

Remembering Vitaly Churkin

Remembering Vitaly Churkin by Stephen Lendman On Monday, on the eve of his 65th birthday, Russia’s UN envoy died - cause of death so far not announced, perhaps a heart attack, though given US hostility toward Russia, foul play remains a possibility unless forensic analysis rules it out. Family, friends, colleagues and admirers like myself... Continue Reading →

Trump Chooses Hawkish National Security Advisor

Trump Chooses Hawkish National Security Advisor by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Trump named hawkish Army Lt. General HR McMaster to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor (NSA).  Political pressure lead to his unfortunate sacking for harmlessly discussing sanctions with Russia’s US ambassador. Twice passed over for brigadier general, McMaster earned two more stars in... Continue Reading →

Light Sentence for Israeli Killer Soldier

Light Sentence for Israeli Killer Soldier  by Stephen Lendman Last March, Israeli sergeant Elor Azaiar Elor Azaria murdered Palestinian ‘Abd al-Fatah al-Sharif in cold blood as he lay helpless, wounded on the ground, threatening no one. Video evidence showed Azaria lethally shooting him in the head at point-blank range. A nearby soldier said he “did... Continue Reading →

Pro-Palestinian Conference in Tehran

Pro-Palestinian Conference in Tehran by Stephen Lendman Palestinians endured decades of vicious Israeli persecution. They remain on their own with little outside help and scant hope for ending occupation harshness. On February 20 and 21, the 6th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada (ICSPI) is being held in Tehran - around 700 pro-Palestinian... Continue Reading →

Ecuador’s Presidential Election

Ecuador’s Presidential Election by Stephen Lendman Last year, President Rafael Correa said he wouldn’t seek a third term after 10 years in office. In December 2015, Ecuador’s constitution was amended to permit unlimited re-election runs, including for president - term limits eliminated after May 24, 2017, following this year’s general elections, held on February 19,... Continue Reading →

Pence and WaPo on NATO

Pence and WaPo on NATO by Stephen Lendman As long as NATO exists, world peace, stability and security are impossible.  The alliance is a US-dominated killing machine, used for endless wars of aggression, not defense at a time the only threats are invented ones. Candidate Trump called NATO “obsolete.” UK Prime Minister Theresa May said... Continue Reading →

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