Western Russophobia

Western Russophobia by Stephen Lendman Russia is stereotypically portrayed in the West as the world’s leading bad guy.  Along with Islamic terrorists, it’s Hollywood’s favorite villain. Czarism, Bolshevism, Stalinism and Communism are long gone. Western-style capitalism replaced them. Yet Cold War mentality persists in America and Europe because of Russia’s sovereign independence, a nation state... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Main Threats

Russia’s Main Threats by Stephen Lendman In his annual address last week to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Vladimir Putin discussed the nation’s main threats. Along with US-led Western imperialism, he cited international terrorism, foreign intelligence services and unstable neighbors, notably Ukraine - saying “many existing threats and challenges have only become more acute.” “Military-political... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Rejected Secret US Peace Plan

Netanyahu Rejected Secret US Peace Plan by Stephen Lendman If Israel agreed to Palestinian statehood within June 1967 borders, peace would follow. According to Haaretz, John Kerry proposed resolving longstanding conflict in secret February 2016 talks with Netanyahu, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el Sissi and Jordan’s King Abdullah. Despite including recognition of Israel as a Jewish... Continue Reading →

US Terror-Bombed Syria Toxic DU Munitions

US Terror-Bombed Syria with Toxic DU Munitions by Stephen Lendman America uses banned depleted uranium (DU) weapons in all its wars, ongoing since first developed during the Vietnam era. The 1925 Geneva Protocol and succeeding Geneva Weapons Conventions prohibited use of chemical and biological agents in any form as weapons of war. Although no Geneva... Continue Reading →

Senate Neocons Vow New Anti-Russia Measures

Senate Neocons Vow New Anti-Russia Measures by Stephen Lendman Bipartisan lunatics infesting Washington intend preventing improved relations with Russia - whether or not Trump follows through on his pledge to try getting along with Vladimir Putin. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and other bipartisan Senate neocons want Trump blocked from lifting sanctions on Russia without congressional... Continue Reading →

Deep State Power v. Trump

Deep State Power v. Trump by Stephen Lendman America’s deep state is divided on Trump. He couldn’t have been elected without enough support.  Post-inauguration, things changed. The balance of power shifted against him, leaving him vulnerable, already weakened this early in his tenure, unprecedented for a US president. His record so far in office is... Continue Reading →

Mocking Vladimir Putin

Mocking Vladimir Putin by Stephen Lendman Dark forces in America consider him public enemy number one. So do media scoundrels, notably The New York Times, bashing him relentlessly, again on Sunday, comparing him to Trump. On December 31, 1999, he became acting president after Boris Yeltsin resigned, his deplorable tenure finally over, wrecking the country,... Continue Reading →

Trump Back on the Stump

Trump Back on the Stump by Stephen Lendman On Saturday, he addressed supporters in Melbourne, FL, his wife Melania introducing him. He’s most comfortable in this element, saying he wanted to speak “without the filter of fake news - the dishonest media…publishing one false story after another with no sources…” He came to tout his... Continue Reading →

Rallying for Peace in Donbass, Putin Extends Outreach

Rallying for Peace in Donbass, Putin Extends Outreach by Stephen Lendman On the second anniversary of the Minsk II peace agreement, thousands of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) residents rallied against Kiev’s aggression. A moment of silence honoring regime victims proceeded a march and rally for conflict resolution. Addressing the crowd, DPR deputy chairwoman Olga Makeeva... Continue Reading →

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