Neocon US Lobbyist Accuses Russia and Syria of Supporting ISIS

Neocon US Lobbyist Accuses Russia and Assad of Supporting ISIS
by Stephen Lendman
Molly K. McKew is a (John) Podesta lobbyist. From 2009 – 2013, she was a registered agent for the US-installed Georgian putschist regime, headed by illegitimate president Mikheil Saakashvili – a ruthless thug, America’s kind of guy.
The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post-owned Foreign Policy magazine published her anti-Putin tirade, disgracefully accusing Russia and Syria of supporting ISIS.
You can’t make this stuff up. Both countries are courageously combating this US-created and supported scourge.
“While St. Petersburg mourns the dead, Russia’s president is calling for a war against terrorists. Don’t fall for it,” she ranted, adding:
“(T)he attacks may have been staged, (a) false flag” to distract “from the reality of the Kremlin’s (position) on terrorist organizations and terror attacks.”
McKew outrageously claimed Moscow’s fight against terrorism was a “trap” for Obama, now used to try convincing Trump that “terrorism is the top threat to America, rather than Russia.”
Washington is at war in multiple theaters, likely more conflicts planned, supporting terrorism, not combating it.
Russia’s policy is polar opposite, Putin and Sergey Lavrov the world’s leading advocates of world peace and stability.
McKew lied claiming otherwise, ignoring US aggression in multiple theaters, including Syria, claiming “Moscow’s…intervention in support of (Assad) fueled a crisis that has destabilized the region.”
Facts don’t interfere with this type of deplorable commentary, raging in the aftermath of the CW attack in Syria – falsely blamed on Assad.
McKew: “(T)he Kremlin partner(s) with a number of terrorist organizations,” naming Iran and Hezbollah, both combating terrorism, not supporting it.
McKew: “It has also been documented that…Russia and Assad…aid…the Islamic State (including) recruit(ing) (their) fighters…and facilitat(ing) (their) movement…to Syria.”
There’s more. “There is evidence that Russia has been working with the Taliban in Afghanistan…against American interests…”
And “the Kremlin has changed its nuclear doctrine to view nuclear weapons as ‘just another conventional weapon…’ “
No responsible editor would touch this type trash. Foreign Policy featured it, part of the campaign to prevent Trump administration normalization efforts, wanting Russia kept America’s top enemy.
It’s also a fear-mongering pretext for bloated military spending, neocons infesting Washington wanting all they can get – at the expense of vital homeland needs and world peace.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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