The NYT War on Truth-Telling

The NYT War on Truth-Telling
by Stephen Lendman
The self-styled newspaper of record is a lying machine, especially on geopolitical issues – notably when America goes to war or plans one.
Syria is Exhibit A, its coverage deplorable, managed news misinformation substituting for truth-telling – propaganda and fake news instead of credible information and analysis.
Its editors automatically declared Assad responsible for Tuesday’s Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapons attack – guilty by accusation, no corroborating evidence needed, no explanation about the implausibility of attacking civilians his military strives to protect, nothing about an apparent false flag to build world community support for toppling him.
On Thursday, the Big Lie continued. A feature fake news story headlined “Assad’s History of Chemical Attacks, and Other Atrocities,” saying:
“…Assad has overseen a campaign of carnage…rely(ing) on tactics that go far beyond the norms of modern warfare to kill many thousands of Syrians” – citing alleged ways based on Big Lies, listing:
“Chemical Weapons:” The Times falsely accused Assad of using CWs against civilians numerous times, including Tuesday’s incident.
Fact: No evidence suggests any Syrian CW use any time during over six years of conflict, the latest accusation as fabricated as earlier ones.
“Siege Tactics and Starvation:” Claiming Assad waged “siege warfare” is bogus, including during Aleppo’s liberation.
Russia, Syria and Iran alone provide humanitarian aid to beleaguered Syrian civilians. Nothing from America, Britain, France, other NATO or regional countries or the UN.
The Times: “Hundreds of thousands of (Syrians in) besieged cities (risk) starving to death…(M)any hundreds succumbed to the stranglehold that forces loyal to (Assad have on the country’s) food supply.”
Fact: Washington, its imperial allies and terrorist foot soldiers bear full responsibility for Syrian deaths, suffering and chaos.
The Times: “…Russian or Syrian warplanes attacked trucks” delivering humanitarian aid.
Fact: US-supported terrorists were responsible, not Russia or Syria, discussed in previous articles.
“Mass Executions and Torture:” Allegations of Syria executing up to 13,000 people, along with using torture as a weapon of war, were fabricated – anti-Assad propaganda, used to enlist greater support for ousting him.
“Targeting of Hospitals: Syrian and Russian warplanes have bombed civilian targets and population centers, hitting mosques, schools and markets.”
“Government forces have struck rebel-held areas with barrel bombs, large containers filled with explosive material and shrapnel. Airstrikes have also targeted hospitals.”
Fact: Pure rubbish! No evidence suggests it. Plenty indicts US-supported terrorists and Pentagon-led terror bombing for committing these atrocities, massacring thousands of civilians – Syria and Russia falsely blamed for their high crimes.
The Times claims missile attacks by Syrian military forces killed thousands of civilians. No evidence proves it. None exists. Plenty proves US-led terror-bombing massacred thousands of defenseless civilians in Syria and Iraq.
The Times is a lying machine, not a legitimate source of news and information – serving powerful interests, in times of war providing Pentagon press agent services.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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