Media Scoundrels Support Macron Over Le Pen

Media Scoundrels Support Macron over Le Pen
by Stephen Lendman
They always support dirty business as usual over anything disrupting continuity.
NYT editors were especially appalling. Headlining “Emmanuel Macron Mounts a Patriot’s Challenge to Marine Le Pen,” they shamefully said:
“Defenders of liberal democracy in France and elsewhere sighed with relief after Sunday’s first-round vote in France’s presidential election.”
“Polls have predicted that Mr. Macron will beat Ms. Le Pen handily, though…France remains deeply divided and its politics unsteady.”
Fact: So-called “liberal democracy in France and elsewhere” in the West is pure fantasy. None exists, especially in America, a one-party state with two right wings.
Fact: France, Britain, Germany and other other European countries have more parties. Their major ones are like US Republicans and Democrats, largely in lockstep on issues mattering most.
Fact: Macron is an elitist, a Rothschild banker, an establishment favorite, assuring deplorable continuity if elected, not responsible change.
Despite her hard-right views, Le Pen responsibly favors leaving NATO, restoring French sovereignty, and improving relations with Russia.
The Times: “Certainly, if Mr. Macron prevails on May 7, that will be good news for Europe…”
Fact: It would be bad news for French sovereign independence, currently lost to Brussels.
The Times: “(V)oters spurned the mainstream center-left Socialist Party and center-right Les Republicains party that have dominated the landscape for decades.”
Fact: True enough – but Macron represents their interests under his En Marche! (forward) banner – a new party, same old dirty policies.
The Times: French “voters showed that they remained receptive to Mr. Macron’s hopeful message…”
Fact: 76% of French voters rejected him, hardly a ringing endorsement.
The Times quoted him saying he wants to be the “president of patriots, to face the threat of nationalists” – “holding himself out as France’s true agent of change after decades of government failure,” The Times blustered.
Fact: He represents continuity, dirty business as usual, sure to be despised, if elected, once his deplorable agenda unfolds.
The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post supports Macron like The Times, saying he wants “to strip away even more barriers with the rest of the world” compared with Le Pen, wanting France “seal(ed) tight against the tides of globalization.”
The Wall Street Journal said France will now “decide between two very different visions of French nationalism” – dirty business as usual vs. restoration of French sovereignty, it failed to explain.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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