Trump’s Deplorable First 100 Days

Trump’s Deplorable First 100 Days
by Stephen Lendman
Saturday, April 29, is his 100th day in office. He’s off to a deplorable start, the worst likely ahead.
A White House press release (WHPR) turned truth on its head, praising what demands condemnation.
WHPR: Trump prioritized “putting America first (and) protecting national security…”
Fact: He’s consistently put America first for its wealthy, powerful and privileged exclusively – no one else.
Fact: National security needs no special protection at a time America’s only enemies are ones it invents – to destructively advance its imperium.
WHPR: Trump wants an additional $54 billion for so-called “defense.”
Fact: He wants it for warmaking, toppling independent governments, and enriching war-profiteers.
WHPR: He “stood up to countries that have threatened our national security after years of failed diplomacy.”
Fact: No countries anywhere threaten America. Washington’s rogue agenda threatens humanity’s survival.
WHPR: Trump “(s)ent a message to the world with his swift and decisive order to strike the Syrian air base that launched a horrific chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians.”
Fact: Trump authorized naked aggression against a sovereign state based on a Big Lie. At no time throughout over six years of war, did Syria use CWs. No evidence suggests otherwise.
WHPR: Trump “(f)urther isolated Syria and Russia at the United Nations through successful diplomacy with President Xi Jinping of China.”
Fact: Both countries have an enduring partnership. China’s Xi Jinping calls it unbreakable. According to his chief of staff Li Zhanshu, “Chinese-Russian relations are going through their best period in our history.”
Fact: Bilateral ties are solid, despite serious international challenges and efforts by rogue US officials to disrupt them. Trump’s White House lied claiming otherwise.
WHPR: He “(i)mposed sanctions on Syria for its use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians.”
Fact: Illegal sanctions were unilaterally imposed based on a Big Lie. No Syrian use of CWs occurred.
WHPR: He “(i)mposed sanctions on Iran for violating an international agreement that restricts its ballistic missile program.”
Fact: Iran’s ballistic missile program is entirely legitimate, violating no international or any other agreement.
WHPR: He “(w)orked to isolate North Korea and repositioned military assets to confront the regime’s provocative missile tests.”
Fact: His Korean peninsula brinksmanship risks unthinkable nuclear war, the ultimate nightmarish scenario.
The White House boasted about meeting with an array of world leaders – including brutal Israeli, Saudi and Egyptian despots.
Trump’s so-called border protection scheme is racist and illegitimate. His proposed southern border wall offends Mexico, will cost billions of dollars if built, and will accomplish little.
His domestic policies aim to make America more of a police state than already. He supports monied interests exclusively. His foreign policy risks humanity-destroying nuclear war.
His deplorable first 100 days suggests greater horrors ahead. He’s a rogue actor, serving wealth, power and privilege at the expense of most others at home and abroad – at the same time, threatening world peace.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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