Macron Claims He Was Hacked

Macron Claims He Was Hacked
by Stephen Lendman
On the eve of Sunday’s French presidential election runoff, establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign claimed he was targeted by a “massive and coordinated” cyberattack – disclosing potentially damaging 11th hour information.
His campaign railed about hackers anonymously releasing emails, documents and other materials “to sow doubt and misinformation,” claiming:
“Intervening in the final hour of the official campaign, this operation is clearly a matter of democratic destabilization, as was seen in the United States during the last presidential campaign.”
Fact: No “democratic destabilization” occurred in America or France. Macron’s campaign lied, claiming damning information about him is fake, wanting nothing changing the likely outcome of Sunday’s election, enabling him to become France’s next president.
Anonymous hackers released damning documents, emails and images, showing Macron’s alleged involvement with La Providence, a Limited Liability Company in the Caribbean island of Nevis.
He allegedly created the firm as an offshore tax haven. Reportedly it’s connected to the Cayman Islands-based First Caribbean International Bank, earlier involved in tax evasion cases.
Leaked materials purport to show Macron hid unknown amounts of wealth offshore to avoid French taxes. An earlier article discussed a report, explaining up to $32 trillion of hidden and stolen wealth kept largely tax-free abroad.
Wall Street and other major banks manage it. Western and other governments protect what’s going on. Societal costs are huge, tax justice entirely absent. Super-rich individuals worldwide take full advantage.
Macron denied stashing wealth secretly offshore, saying “I have never had accounts in any tax havens whatsoever, firstly because it is not in my nature and secondly because I have always wanted to return to the public domain.”
His campaign claimed material released is part of a Russian effort to smear him in favor of Le Pen – providing no evidence proving it because none exists. 
On Friday, WikiLeaks tweeted “Who benefits? Timing of alleged dump is too late to hit vote but will surely be used to boost hostility to Russia & intelligence spending.”
France votes on Sunday, Macron heavily favored to win. Will the damning dump materially affect the outcome? We’ll likely know shortly after polls close.
The NYT supports all deplorable establishment candidates in US-allied countries. Its editors accused Russia of meddling in France’s election, citing no evidence. None exists.
They claimed Putin favors Le Pen. He’d “dearly like to see (Macron) weakened,” they said – calling the former neoliberal Rothschild investment banker/economy minister “strong on maintaining Russian sanctions and favors strengthening the European Union.”
Separately, The Times claimed “(g)roups linked to Russia…have previously been accused of trying to breach the Macron organization.” 
The self-styled newspaper of record cited unnamed security experts, saying they believe “Russian hackers” were behind the latest dump of damning Macron materials.
No evidence suggests Russian interference in foreign elections anywhere – not America’s, France’s or others. 
False accusations persist anyway, part of longstanding Russia bashing – because of its sovereign independence and opposition to US-led Western imperialism.
A Final Comment
On May 6, France’s Election Control Commission “ask(ed) the media, and websites in particular, not to report on the content of the (leaked Macron) data,” stressing “dissemination of false information is liable to fall within the scope of the law, in particular criminal law.”
French oligarchs and aristocrats want neoliberal globalist Macron elected president on Sunday – threatening to prosecute anyone publishing leaked defamatory information about him.
Suppressing free and open expression is a hallmark of police state governance – the way France, America and other Western countries operate, wanting things kept this way, media scoundrels fully compliant.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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