France Votes: Nationalism v. Globalism on the Ballot

France Votes: Nationalism v. Globalism on the Ballot
by Stephen Lendman
On May 7, France votes under draconian/militarized state of emergency conditions, imposed after the November 2015 Charlie Hebdo/kosher market false flag attacks.
According to French interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet, “more than 50,000 policemen, gendarmes will be deployed” nationwide for Sunday’s vote.
Operation Sentinel soldiers are involved to “ensure security around polling stations, (deployed) to intervene immediately in case of any incident.”
France is highly polarized. A German-based Bertelsmann Foundation poll found 20% of voters are ideologically far-right (14%) or far-left (6%).
Over a third call themselves centrists. French polls show Emmanuel Macron leading Marine Le Pen by a wide margin, expected to become France’s next president.
An 11th hour disclosure, revealing documents and other materials alleging he created an offshore tax haven for unknown amounts of hidden wealth to be tax-free, won’t likely change Sunday’s outcome.
Both candidates are world’s apart ideologically. Former Rothschild investment banker/Hollande economy minister Macron represents dirty business as usual – supporting monied interests exclusively, neoliberal harshness, US imperial wars, police state control, and hostility toward Russia.
Le Len wants French sovereignty regained, free from Brussels, Berlin, Washington straightjacket control. She favor restoring the franc as France’s currency, free from euro bondage. She’s for Frexit and leaving NATO, proposed a national referendum to let voters decide.
She wants “monetary, legislative, territorial and economic sovereignty” restored, “smart protectionism” to protect France from “unfair international competition.”
Create a “patriotic economy,” she urges, wanting imports not respecting French norms banned. “Refuse trade agreements” harming its economy and workers.
Ban shale oil and gas exploration “until environment, security and health conditions are satisfactory,” she argues. Ban harmful to health GMOs. Re-industrialize the country.
Help small business, workers and women’s rights. Cut taxes for the three lowest income brackets. Cut legal immigration to 10,000 annually.
Automatically deport foreign criminal offenders. Ban all radical Islamic groups. Increase wages for public workers. She endorses equal pay and benefits for women.
Most of her ideas are anathema to French oligarchs, aristocrats and Western media scoundrels. Though likely to lose on Sunday, she’ll likely achieve the strongest-ever showing for an out-of-the-mainstream presidential candidate.
In first round April 23 voting, around 45% of French voters rejected the current politico/economic system. Macron received less than a fourth of public support.
Voting on Sunday begins at 8:00AM local time. Projected results will be released shortly after polls close at 8:00PM, in rural areas an hour earlier.
Both candidates will hold Sunday night rallies with supporters in Paris – based on late polling, Macron likely to be France’s next president.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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