US Undermining Conflict Resolution in Syria

US Undermining Conflict Resolution in Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Neocons infesting Washington represent the greatest threat to world peace.
They want endless wars waged, all independent governments toppled, US-controlled puppet regimes replacing them, enemies invented to assure aggression without end – feeding America’s ravenous war machine.
Russia has no partner in Washington politically, economically or militarily, no prospect for any US administration cooperating to restore peace in Syria or other war-torn countries.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted the fabricated State Department report, claiming mass executions in Syrian prisons along with bodies cremated to hide evidence, saying:
The report is “stereotypical” US rubbish, accusations without proof, escalating conflict, not helping to resolve it – compounded by another US attack on forces fighting for Syria’s liberation.
On Thursday, government and allied forces were terror-bombed near At Tanf, close to the Iraqi and Jordanian borders – a location where US and UK special forces are operating illegally, training terrorists to help Washington topple the Assad government.
According to Al-Masdar News, US warplanes entered Syrian airspace illegally from Jordan. A convoy of five T-62 tanks were targeted, two destroyed, a Shilka anti-aircraft weapon system damaged, six military personnel killed, three others wounded.
The “(c)onvoy consisted of soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), National Defense Forces (NDF), Hezbollah, and Imam Al-‘Ali Battalions.”
The attack occurred in one of four Russian-established de-escalation zones – Moscow, Tehran and Ankara serving as guarantors. 
The Trump administration tacitly accepted the so-called Astana Memorandum, then breached it Thursday on the phony pretext of government and allied fighters “perceived…to be a threat to coalition forces.”
Nothing was said about these forces operating illegally in Syrian territory without Damascus or UN Security Council approval. 
All US-led coalition aerial and ground operations in Syria are flagrantly lawless, naked aggression, according to international law.
Trump likely knew nothing about the latest incident until informed after the fact. Straightaway in office, he delegated warmaking authority to neocon generals. They pretty much do what they please.
Thursday’s attack, along with the fabricated State Department accusation discussed above, are the latest examples of US efforts to undermine conflict resolution in Syria.
Obama-instituted regime change plans remain unchanged under Trump. Defense Secretary Mattis lied, saying Thursday’s airstrike doesn’t indicate Washington intends escalating conflict.
A previous article explained retired Syrian army general Mohammad Abbas said US-backed terrorists plan a southern Syria buffer zone, similar to Golan, bordering Jordan and Iraq.
Thousands of Hezbollah fighters were deployed to the At Tanf passageway, preparation for government and allied forces to prevent Washington from achieving its objective.
An unnamed Syrian military source said its army won’t let America and its rogue allies establish a safe haven for terrorists in its territory near the Iraqi and Jordanian borders, similar to northern Syria.
Damascus fears a possible joint US/UK/Jordanian southern invasion. It’s on high alert to prevent it.
A Final Comment
On Tuesday, Washington imposed new sanctions on Syria, targeting five individuals and five entities – violating international law, along with the letter and spirit of Astana and Geneva conflict resolution efforts.
Russian upper house Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev denounced Washington’s action, saying sanctioning Syria “produce(d) starkly opposite results” of their announced intention.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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